Spring 2023

WrenchWay Local Chapter Meetings

About Our Local Chapter Meetings

WrenchWay’s first Local Chapter meetings will run much like advisory committee meetings, except with multiple schools and shops coming together to discuss where they can support one another more.

Topics for the meetings include:

  • Review open requests from schools on WrenchWay School Connect
  • Discuss what local data shops and schools would like to see
  • Talk about additional ways local shops and schools can work together
  • Highlight shops that are doing a great job of promoting the industry
  • Discuss ideas on additional ways WrenchWay can support shops and schools

WrenchWay will host these meetings virtually through Zoom. They are free to attend, but are exclusive to WrenchWay members. Find your local chapter and register below.

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That’s a wrap on our first round of Local Chapter meetings! Thank you to everyone who attended, participated, and provided feedback on how we can make the most of WrenchWay Local Chapters moving forward. Stay tuned for dates on the next chapter meetings.