Roundtable Recording

Celebrating Women in Wrenching

About the Roundtable

People love to talk about the technician shortage, but one thing we aren’t talking enough about is the shortage of women in the automotive and diesel industries.

There are many things we can do to attract more women to the automotive and diesel industries, but the biggest thing we can do is to celebrate the women we have in the industry and share their stories.

In this roundtable, we talk with some amazing women working in the industry about:

  • How they got started in the industry
  • What they love about their profession
  • Advice for how we can attract more women to the industry

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The Presenters

Headshot of Jay Goninen

Jay Goninen
Co-Founder & President,

Jessica Toliuszis

Jessica Toliuszis
Chair, Women in Auto Care
Vice President, Highline Warren

Katie Marks

Katie Marks
Service Advisor,
Tom Wood Nissan