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Creating Work-Based Learning Opportunities for Students

Sue Dickson, Founder of Give Me Ten, and Jack Wilson, Auto Service Instructor at Lake County Tech Campus, discuss the progress of collaborating with the industry to develop more meaningful work-based learning opportunities for students. Each individual's path in the automotive field varies, and not everyone is suited to become a technician. The Give Me

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7 Tips from a 7-Year Technician

Josh Arnold, Master Technician of Toyota & Subaru Corvallis, is back again to give young technicians seven tips from his seven years as a technician. From focusing on developing skills to never wasting an opportunity, Josh passes along valuable lessons he has learned along the way. Watch the Full Episode <span; Show Notes About Our

2024-03-20T08:52:30-05:00Beyond the Wrench|

New Technician Pay Plan at Woody Anderson Ford

WrenchWay’s Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Wilson, covers an exclusive conversation with John Frazier, Service Director of Woody Anderson Ford, to discuss their new technician pay plan. This is a different type of episode for us, but provides great insight and real-world conversation about how one dealership started and implemented a forward-thinking technician compensation plan. We

2024-03-13T08:47:26-05:00Beyond the Wrench|

Philip Austin, Technical Training & Development Manager, Niterra North America

Let’s talk about improving the automotive industry and properly training future technicians. Philip walks us through why dedicated training during the day instead of after work can be valuable. He also breaks down the impact of hands-on training, and discusses the importance of teaching the basics. Watch the Full Episode <span; Show Notes About Our

2024-05-30T12:42:50-05:00Beyond the Wrench|

Joe McCue, Founder & Partner, Pencilwrench

Helping technicians quickly write accurate repair event documentation, Pencilwrench allows shops to provide customers with an invoice that is clear, concise, and readable. In this episode, we explore how new shop software can help improve the overall perception of technician careers by bringing professionalism and transparency to the forefront. Watch the Full Episode <span; Show

2024-02-28T10:23:07-05:00Beyond the Wrench|

Jon Belmonte, CEO, AutoVitals

Technician efficiency and productivity are crucial factors in maximizing your shop's profitability. In this episode, we discuss the impact new technology can have on shops, exploring how it can simplify technicians' tasks, improve customer retention, and ultimately boost revenue. Watch the Full Episode <span; Show Notes About Our Guest Jon Belmonte, CEO, AutoVitals jon.belmonte@autovitalsinc.com Sponsor

2024-02-21T10:08:34-05:00Beyond the Wrench|

Matthew Donovan & Craig Misak, SocketTime

Is the automotive industry still the only industry that uses faxes? Let’s talk about shop management, scheduling, and improving your shop’s efficiency! In this episode, we'll explore the unique SocketTime software and how it helps shops maximize every technician’s day and every hour, while still allowing flexible scheduling for technicians. Watch the Full Episode <span;

2024-02-15T17:41:32-05:00Beyond the Wrench|

Dr. Thomas Litzinger & James O’Dell, Northwood University

From automotive management to accounting, discover the diverse programs available at Northwood University and what sets them apart from the rest. Northwood gets its students involved with the industry by allowing them to run their annual international auto show, work with local shops, and more, allowing them to apply the skills taught in the classroom

2024-02-07T09:44:18-05:00Beyond the Wrench|

Aleck Brownstein, Regional VP, Volvo Car USA

Learn the importance of valuing your technicians, discover effective strategies on how to transition out of flat rate, and explore ways the auto industry can improve technicians’ career paths. Immerse yourself in Aleck's passion for the automotive industry in this week's episode! Watch the Full Episode <span; Show Notes About Our Guest Aleck Brownstein Regional

2024-01-26T13:01:15-05:00Beyond the Wrench|

Jim Phillips, Principal, Training Team USA

Born and raised in a dealership, Jim’s evolving passion for the automotive industry has blossomed into key advice on what it takes to create a great shop. From the importance of evaluating financial statements to the process of rebuilding dealerships in crisis, Jim breaks down his expertise in this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench.

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