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Evolving the Technician-Manager Relationship

Employees need the shop and the shop needs employees. Simple as that, right? In this week’s episode, Fred Gestwicki Jr, President of Fix-it With Fred, LLC, gives examples on the benefits of being flexible with your staff, explains the importance of understanding your employee’s point of view, and shares a number of management stories from

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Lessons in Shop Leadership

William (Bill) Demaree who is the Corporate Director of Fixed Operations at Tom Wood Group joins us on this week’s episode to walk us through his journey in automotive. He also discusses how his group prioritizes their core values and different ways to recruit shop employees. “You have to find talent where they’re at.” -

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Mental Health of Technicians

Warning: This podcast covers topics that may be intense to some listeners. Viewer discretion is advised. Are you happy as a technician? Why or why not? Is it your work environment or personal life affecting your happiness? In this week’s episode, Joshua Taylor who is the Founder of Wrench Turners Online and Just Work Hard

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Progressive Auto Body Management

Andrew Batenhorst, Body Shop Manager at Pacific BMW, brings progressive thinking to the collision repair industry. In this episode, hear how he is going above and beyond to improve the industry, the ways he keeps in touch with his staff, and how he introduced meditation at the shop. Watch the Full Episode  Show Notes

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The Diagnostic Process & Theory of Operation ft. Craig Tomczyk, FirstGroup America

Craig Tomczyk, the Auto/Diesel Technician at FirstGroup America, gets technical in this week’s episode. Listen in as he breaks down his career, covers the importance of understanding and bettering your operational knowledge, discusses his diagnostic process, and much more. Watch the Full Episode  Show Notes Resources: WrenchWay’s Solutions for Technicians Download the free WrenchWay

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Shop Leadership & Communication Advice ft. Kathleen Long, RepairPal

Kathleen’s drive and passion are contagious in this week’s episode! Tune in to hear Kathleen Long, Chief Revenue Officer at RepairPal, cover the positive impact of being transparent with your technicians, the true value of networking, and the importance of investing and measuring your business correctly. Watch the Full Episode  Show Notes Resources: WrenchWay’s

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Foundations for Attracting Technicians ft. Murray Voth, RPM Training

Should shops pay technicians for their inspection time? Tune into this week’s episode to hear Murray Voth, President of RPM Training, answer the “tough” questions, discuss what it means for your shop to be a thought influencer in the community, and cover the importance of identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Watch the Full Episode 

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Building a Successful Shop ft. Josh Sellers, Auto Express of Hamilton

As the Owner of Auto Express of Hamilton, Josh Sellers has grown a lot and is still growing from his experiences. Tune into this episode to hear some lessons he has learned during customer interactions, find out the importance of listening to your staff and peers, and gain tips for building an amazing shop culture.

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