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Strategies for Small Business Empowerment

Don’t miss Lisa McClease-Kelly’s unique advice for small businesses in this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench. As Co-Owner of Network In Action Oregon and Kelly's Automotive, and with a background in nonprofits, Lisa offers a different perspective on ways shops can serve their community and staff. She also offers some other business advice on

Tool & Career Advice for Young Technicians

We are proud to welcome Daniel Diaz, Service Technician at Braman BMW Miami (and rising TikTok star)! In this episode, Daniel offers advice to young technicians on purchasing tools, encourages all technicians to keep learning, and emphasizes the importance of finding the right shop management and support as a new technician. Watch the Full Episode

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Guide to Online Car Auctions: Operating, Buying, & Selling

Bob Gaito, Chief Executive Officer at Auction Central and Principal at Exit5 Auto Group, shares his unique auction and dealership experience in this week’s episode. Bob dives into how online auctions operate and the role of auctions in the automotive industry. He also discusses the different career options available for technicians in the auction world,

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Driving Positive Change in Automotive

Pride in your work and pride in the industry! In this week’s episode, Josh Arnold, Master Technician at Toyota & Subaru of Corvallis, radiates his contagious passion and positive attitude toward the automotive industry. Get an inside look at how to maintain a positive mindset in a challenging industry, the importance of having patience as

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Financial Transparency and Education in the Shop

Shops need to be more transparent with their technicians about their financial standing, and technicians need better education on financial management and beyond. In this episode, Matt Fanslow, a Diagnostic Technician and Shop Manager at Riverside Automotive, delves into financial transparency and education, explains how positive technicians are the best salespersons for our industry, and

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The Art of Great Shop Culture

Arvin Merino, the Service Director of Toyota of Seattle and Honda of Seattle, joins us to discuss the remarkable shop culture within their shops. Arvin explains how listening to shop staff, fostering relationships outside of the shop, and placing a stronger emphasis on staffing and selecting individuals with the right personalities have contributed to the

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Shaping a Better and Brighter Auto Industry

Tara Topel joins us to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Topel's Service Center, Inc.! As a Co-Owner of an independent shop and towing center, Tara brings a unique perspective to the table. During the episode, she covers ways in which shops can support schools, emphasizes the importance of encouraging youth to join the trade, and

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Career Paths & Expectations for Young Diesel Techs

This week, we welcome Tom Wozniak, Diesel Technology Instructor at Madison College, and two of his current students, Jacob Breunig and Max Richard. Together, they discuss the importance of having confidence and patience as young technicians, express concerns regarding the future of diesel, and emphasize the need for shops to establish career paths to retain

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The Art of Teaching & Nurturing Technician Talent

Brandon Steckler, Technical Editor at Motor Age Magazine, takes us on a unique voyage through his automotive career. Moving from a technician role to becoming an instructor and eventually an author has provided Brandon with valuable industry insights. In this episode, he covers how to enhance our technician certification system, ways to gain a deeper

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