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Technician Pay Deep Dive

Tanner Brandt, President of Autodiag Clinic, discusses the value of evaluating your technicians’ actual take-home income and the necessity of proper pay plans when assessing technician compensation. Tanner also dissects WrenchWay’s recent Technician Pay Survey and Technician Compensation Tool. To see how much technicians are making in your area and to contribute your own data

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Improving Your Dealership or Shop

Jay Marrazzo, General Manager of AIM Group, LLC, brings a fresh perspective on how shops and dealerships can improve by thinking of different departments as having different cultures. He also gets candid and discusses our industry's shortcomings. Watch the Full Episode <span; Show Notes About Our Guest Jay Marrazzo General Manager, AIM Group, LLC jay@aimgroupsales.com

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Navigating Automotive Technician Education

George Arrants, Vice President at ASE Education Foundation, is back to clear up misconceptions about hiring employees under 18, discuss the shortage of teachers, and explore the impact that work-based learning can have on students. Watch the Full Episode <span; Show Notes About Our Guest George Arrants Vice President, ASE Education Foundation george.arrants@aseeducation.org Sponsor Thermo

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Repairing Relationships in the Service Department

Trust in the service department is imperative to running an effective shop. Derrick King, Director of Fixed Operations at ClearShift, joins us to give honest advice every shop needs to hear. From the importance of having transparency with your employees to simply respecting their career aspirations, you don’t want to miss these tips! Watch the

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How Do You Define Success?

Fernando Miranda, Vice President of Transformers Institute, walks us through how everyone sets their own meaning of success in their career and life. He talks about how to create a positive mindset, ways to stay consistent through the highs and lows of life, and the importance of finding your inspiration. Watch the Full Episode <span;

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The Impact of Digital Tools on Fixed Operations Management

There is a lot of technology that impacts service departments. The hard part is evaluating what software or digital tool could be useful for your shop. Corey Smith, National Fixed Operations Training Manager for APCO Holdings, LLC, discusses how to get team buy-in for new products, the importance of training on new technology, and how

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Dealership Recruiting w/ WrenchWay & Hireology

WrenchWay partners with Hireology to help dealerships better hire technician talent. Tiffany Czerwinski, Director of Automotive Partnerships at Hireology, discusses the impact this new partnership will have on dealership recruiting. She also addresses several challenges the automotive industry is currently facing, including talent shortages and the absence of clear career paths. Lastly, she offers dealers

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Service Department Communication

Chris Craig, the Fixed Operations Content Owner from RockED, is back to talk about service department communication. In this episode, he dives into the current state of the automotive industry, gives various management and communication advice on how to support shop staff, and shares great tips for service advisors. Watch the Full Episode <span; Show

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Creating Work-Based Learning Opportunities for Students

Sue Dickson, Founder of Give Me Ten, and Jack Wilson, Auto Service Instructor at Lake County Tech Campus, discuss the progress of collaborating with the industry to develop more meaningful work-based learning opportunities for students. Each individual's path in the automotive field varies, and not everyone is suited to become a technician. The Give Me

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7 Tips from a 7-Year Technician

Josh Arnold, Master Technician of Toyota & Subaru Corvallis, is back again to give young technicians seven tips from his seven years as a technician. From focusing on developing skills to never wasting an opportunity, Josh passes along valuable lessons he has learned along the way. Watch the Full Episode <span; Show Notes About Our

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