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How Much Do Mechanics Get Paid?

Technician salary is a hot topic in the automotive and diesel industries. Historically, mechanics have been subjected to “grease monkey” misconceptions—portraying them as dirty and uneducated. There’s also a misconception that automotive and diesel technicians don’t have high earning potential, which is simply untrue. These misconceptions are doing nothing to help the ongoing technician shortage.

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Diesel Technician Stats—Demographics, Job Satisfaction, Industry Outlook, & More

Diesel technicians play a crucial role in keeping the heavy-duty industry running smoothly. In this article, we dive into some statistics surrounding this important profession—exploring everything from job satisfaction to what diesel technicians look for in an employer. Whether you're considering a career as a diesel technician or simply interested in the trends shaping this

WrenchWay Releases New Automotive & Diesel Technician Compensation Tool

Technicians can now search pay rates across the country based on location, industry, type of shop, and years of experience. Recently, we conducted a survey to better understand the earning potential of technicians in different regions and throughout various stages of their careers. We received nearly 3,000 responses from across the U.S. The data

15+ Best TikTok Accounts for Technicians

We asked technicians to send us their go-to TikTok accounts, and boy, did they deliver! Our community recommended a plethora of other engaging content. From lifestyle technicians to auto comedy, tips, tutorials, and beyond, here's a list of their top picks! Automotive & Diesel TikTok Creators that Technicians Love Check Engine Chuck LLC 386K Followers,

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Best Tools to Equip New Technicians for Entry-Level Work

Whenever you’re starting to build your tool set for working on cars, it can be overwhelming to look at all the options. There are all different kinds of tools and they don’t all have an automotive label on them for easy identification. If you’re a new technician just starting out in the business, there are

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5 Ways Technicians Can Impress a Shop Manager

Landing a role in the shop isn’t too difficult right now, but growing your career and taking it to the next level right now means making a lasting impression on the shop manager. Take it from me—I’ve hired four techs in the last two months, and probably hundreds since I founded my dealership back in

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Advice for New Technicians from Experienced Auto & Diesel Technicians

During a local shop visit, our marketing team asked a few technicians what advice they have for technicians who are new to the industry. They said things like, “Take the advice,” and “Keep an open mind.” We turned their advice into a TikTok that currently has over 73k views and 200 comments. Then we thought,

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All About Diesel Technicians: The Research, Data, and Facts

Hi there, WrenchWay readers! Team Fullbay is checking in for a guest blog. A few months ago, we released the third edition of our State of Heavy-Duty Repair, and we thought we’d share some of the most interesting technician-related findings from the data. This blog isn’t exhaustive (just exhausting, ha ha), but it should give

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