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Will the Toolbelt Generation Fix the Technician Shortage?

Generation Z, which makes up those born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, has been dubbed “Zoomers,” “iGeneration,” and also the “Toolbelt Generation.” With the average cost of college in the U.S. more than doubling in the 21st century, more young people are choosing alternative pathways. The number of students enrolled in vocational-focused community

Signs of a Bad Technician Hire + How to Avoid & Handle It

With so many shops struggling to find and hire qualified technicians, we often see shops rushing the hiring process which, unfortunately, can lead to some poor hiring decisions. While it is normal for a new employee to take 3-6 months to adjust to a new position, there are some red flags shop owners and managers

WrenchWay Releases New Automotive & Diesel Technician Compensation Tool

Technicians can now search pay rates across the country based on location, industry, type of shop, and years of experience. Recently, we conducted a survey to better understand the earning potential of technicians in different regions and throughout various stages of their careers. We received nearly 3,000 responses from across the U.S. The data

Automotive Technician Stats—Demographics, Job Satisfaction, Industry Outlook, & More

What’s important to automotive technicians when looking for a new employer? What does job satisfaction look like for today’s automotive technicians? Using data from our latest Voice of Technician Survey along with a few other industry sources, we answer these questions and more below! Demographics There are over 592,000 automotive technicians employed in the United

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How Shops Can Get Rid of Obsolete Parts & Outdated Equipment

Inventory management in any automotive service center is an important part of the business. Managing your shop’s inventory is key to making sure your business runs smoothly and efficiently, and helps reduce waste and unnecessary expenses. However, even shops with the most sophisticated inventory management process in place will find themselves with obsolete parts and

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Best Practices for Recruiting Technicians in 2024

The beginning months of the year are a prime time for technicians to look for new opportunities, whether for personal growth or career advancement. However, considering the ongoing technician shortage, hiring efforts have become a year-round focus for shops, not just a seasonal effort. So, no matter the time of year, here are some best

How to Optimize Independent Dealership Service Departments for Technicians

The heartbeat of any successful independent dealership is its service department, where technicians are the unsung heroes working diligently to keep vehicles on the road and customers satisfied. From a technician's standpoint, optimizing the service department is not just about fixing cars; it's about creating an efficient, supportive, and forward-thinking work environment. With the right

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5 Ways to Improve Your Shop’s 2024 Technician Recruiting Strategy

The automotive industry isn’t just facing a technician shortage—they’re facing a technician crisis. Projections from the TechForce Foundation paint a daunting picture, estimating that the demand for new technicians is set to soar well beyond 900,000 through 2026. A demand the industry is in no position to meet. Just as concerning, according to WrenchWay’s 2023

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Navigating the Crisis: The Impact of the Instructor Shortage on the Automotive & Diesel Industry

The education system in the United States is facing a brutal crisis as schools grapple with a severe shortage of teachers. According to recent studies, 9 in 10 public schools struggled to hire instructors for the current school year. Unfortunately, career and technical education (CTE), automotive, and diesel programs are no exception. According to the

TechMission 2023 Recap: Treating Technicians Like an Asset, Not an Expense

TechMission 2023 brought together technicians, shop managers/owners, instructors, and other industry professionals for its fourth consecutive year, focusing on "Treating Technicians Like an Asset, Not an Expense." Thank you to all the amazing sponsors, panelists, and attendees for making TechMission 2023 a success! We are so lucky to be a part of such a great

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