Technician Recruiting

Can’t Find Technicians? 5 Things You Need to Assess

Technician recruiting is about a lot more than just posting on job boards. Shops and dealerships are often looking for a quick fix—as if posting on the right job board with the right job description is going to solve decades of issues that lead to the technician shortage. If shops want to actually solve their

How Dealerships Can Attract More Automotive Technicians

The automotive industry has been grappling with the shortage of skilled service technicians for years. This shortage poses a considerable threat to the revenue potential of dealerships, as the ability to service and maintain vehicles becomes increasingly critical in a market where consumers are holding onto their cars longer due to high new car prices

Will the Toolbelt Generation Fix the Technician Shortage?

Generation Z, which makes up those born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, has been dubbed “Zoomers,” “iGeneration,” and also the “Toolbelt Generation.” With the average cost of college in the U.S. more than doubling in the 21st century, more young people are choosing alternative pathways. The number of students enrolled in vocational-focused community

Diesel Technician Stats—Demographics, Job Satisfaction, Industry Outlook, & More

Diesel technicians play a crucial role in keeping the heavy-duty industry running smoothly. In this article, we dive into some statistics surrounding this important profession—exploring everything from job satisfaction to what diesel technicians look for in an employer. Whether you're considering a career as a diesel technician or simply interested in the trends shaping this

Signs of a Bad Technician Hire + How to Avoid & Handle It

With so many shops struggling to find and hire qualified technicians, we often see shops rushing the hiring process which, unfortunately, can lead to some poor hiring decisions. While it is normal for a new employee to take 3-6 months to adjust to a new position, there are some red flags shop owners and managers

Best Practices for Recruiting Technicians in 2024

The beginning months of the year are a prime time for technicians to look for new opportunities, whether for personal growth or career advancement. However, considering the ongoing technician shortage, hiring efforts have become a year-round focus for shops, not just a seasonal effort. So, no matter the time of year, here are some best

2024 Technician & Mechanic Stats: Job Satisfaction, Pay, & More + Infographic

To stay competitive during the technician shortage, recruiters and shop managers need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and insights in regards to technician recruiting. We’ve made it real easy for you by compiling 39 compelling stats that we gathered from our latest Voice of Technician Survey and WrenchWay Shop Talk polls. Technician Hiring

13 Experts Offer Their Predictions for Recruiting Technicians in 2024

Most professionals working in the automotive or diesel industry would agree that recruiting technicians is not getting any easier or less complex. The technician shortage coupled with the technological advancements that have changed how technicians find, research, and assess potential employers have made hiring for technicians even more difficult for shops and dealerships. As we

How to Use WrenchWay Top Shop Pages to Keep Technician Candidates Engaged Throughout the Hiring Process

When most shops and dealerships think of WrenchWay Top Shop pages, they think of it as a tool to use to supplement their technician recruiting efforts. Top Shop pages are a great way to give technicians a look at what it’s actually like to work at your shop. We see many shops including a link

How to Attract Gen Z Employees to Your Shop – Part 2

In the next two years, Gen Z is expected to form 27% of the workforce. Coupled with the aging technician population, shops need to make it a priority now to understand and adapt to the unique needs and values of this up-and-coming generation. We recently shared an article to help shops better understand what Gen

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