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Airbags Spark New Relationship Between Metro Ford of Madison and Jefferson High School on WrenchWay

Many automotive and CTE instructors across the country are dealing with budget cuts and underfunded programs. Without the funding to keep up with the quickly evolving automotive industry, instructors struggle to attract students to their program and properly educate students who are interested in the industry. Facing the high demand for technicians, shops and dealerships

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From Students to Master Techs: How Lifetime Transmissions Uses WrenchWay to Find Technicians

Lifetime Transmissions is a family-owned and operated specialty shop located in Broken Arrow, OK. From 1983 to the present day, their team and business have continued to grow and flourish. To support their steady growth, Lifetime Transmissions has found success using WrenchWay to find and hire technicians. Growing the Lifetime Transmissions Family with the Help

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How to Use WrenchWay Top Shop Pages to Keep Technician Candidates Engaged Throughout the Hiring Process

When most shops and dealerships think of WrenchWay Top Shop pages, they think of it as a tool to use to supplement their technician recruiting efforts. Top Shop pages are a great way to give technicians a look at what it’s actually like to work at your shop. We see many shops including a link

Hartford Union High School Strengthens Relationships with Local Shops & Dealers Through WrenchWay School Connect

As an auto instructor with over 14 years of experience, Matt Kerhin, Tech Ed Teacher at Hartford Union High School, has a lot of insight into the automotive industry. We were honored to sit down with Matt to talk about his auto program, the trends he sees in the automotive industry, and how the connections

WrenchWay Helps Honda & Toyota of Seattle Service Departments Become Fully Staffed

Honda and Toyota of Seattle have been long-time clients of WrenchWay, and over the years, the partnership has evolved into a friendship. You may have come across their content on WrenchWay Shop Talk or even seen their team speak at our events. Overall, we have really enjoyed helping Honda and Toyota of Seattle show off

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Top Shop Spotlight: VIP Tires & Service

With all 68 locations on WrenchWay, VIP Tires & Service is a leader in promoting and improving the automotive industry. In the ever-evolving world of automotive technology, finding the perfect workplace can be a challenge for technicians. Thankfully, companies like VIP Tires & Service are leading the way in providing an unparalleled working experience for

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Lithia Motors Finds Success with Reverse Job Posts

It was such a pleasure sitting down with Steve Hamre, National Automotive Technician Recruiting Manager at Lithia Motors, Inc., to discuss how they recently hired a technician at their dealership in Bryan, TX using WrenchWay Reverse Job Posts. Not only did Steve talk about his team's experience with the platform, but he also shared some

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WrenchWay Customer Spotlight: Checkered Flag

I knew I was in for a good conversation when four different representatives from Checkered Flag excitedly hopped on a call to chat about how much they love their WrenchWay Top Shop pages. Let me tell you—they did not disappoint. Checkered Flag has a centralized HR team that gets pulled in a lot of different

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WrenchWay Customer Spotlight: Carousel Motor Group

Carousel Motor Group’s Top Shop pages are some of the most detailed, well-thought out pages on WrenchWay. Each Top Shop page provides technicians with ample photos of the service area, videos of employees talking about what it’s like to work there, and thorough answers to each and every question in the Under the Hood section.

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WrenchWay Customer Spotlight: Ron Marhofer Auto Family

Ron Marhofer Auto Family is one of the most viewed Top Shops on WrenchWay. Not only are they a great place for technicians to work—offering a sign on bonus, flexible work week options, no nights or Sundays, and a 40 hour guarantee—but they also have a rock solid recruiting strategy that gets their shops in

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