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Automotive Careers: What Students Need to Know

The automotive industry is a crucial part of our world today. Cars are essential for transportation, and advancements in technology are constantly transforming how we design, manufacture, repair, and use them. This industry offers a wide range of career opportunities. The purpose of this article is to help young students decide if a career in

Free Resources for Automotive & Diesel Instructors to Share With Students & Use in the Classroom

WrenchWay offers some great free resources to help automotive, diesel, and CTE instructors build relationships with and get more support from local shops and dealerships. But, we also have tons of free resources for auto, diesel, and CTE students that instructors can share with their students or use to enhance the classroom experience and better

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Celebrating Career & Technical Education (CTE): Importance & Impact on Automotive and Diesel Careers

Every February marks Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month, where we celebrate and raise awareness for CTE programs across the country dedicated to preparing students for the workforce. There is a lot that goes into preparing the future of the workforce and it is no easy task. CTE programs play a critical role in educating

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High Schools Benefiting from WrenchWay’s $500 Donations

As we reflect on 2023, we are so grateful to be a part of such a great industry with such giving supporters. Through the help of our valuable partners, we have been able to give back thousands of dollars to high school automotive, diesel, and CTE programs. WrenchWay provides $1,000 giveaways where we randomly select

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Navigating the Crisis: The Impact of the Instructor Shortage on the Automotive & Diesel Industry

The education system in the United States is facing a brutal crisis as schools grapple with a severe shortage of teachers. According to recent studies, 9 in 10 public schools struggled to hire instructors for the current school year. Unfortunately, career and technical education (CTE), automotive, and diesel programs are no exception. According to the

Help Us Give Back to 23 Schools Before 2023 Ends

We're looking to close out 2023 strong by helping fulfill 23 School Assist projects to help out local high school and post-secondary automotive and diesel programs. Whether it is donating tools, offering shop tours, speaking to a class, or something else, helping out a local automotive or diesel program is a great way to build

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Hartford Union High School Strengthens Relationships with Local Shops & Dealers Through WrenchWay School Assist

As an auto instructor with over 14 years of experience, Matt Kerhin, Tech Ed Teacher at Hartford Union High School, has a lot of insight into the automotive industry. We were honored to sit down with Matt to talk about his auto program, the trends he sees in the automotive industry, and how the connections

19+ Online Resources Every Automotive or Diesel Student Needs

There are many online resources out there for students, but most are not specific to the automotive and diesel industries. So, we fixed that! If you are a high school or college student pursuing a career in automotive, diesel, or collision, we have compiled a list of resources to help you look for jobs, supplement

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Help Us Get 1,000 Schools on WrenchWay School Assist

Our goal for 2023 is to get more schools involved with WrenchWay School Assist to help promote and improve the automotive, diesel, and collision industries. WrenchWay School Assist allows auto, diesel, and collision instructors to share what’s new with their program and request resources from local shops and dealerships. Instructors have been able to build

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5 Tips for Growing a Successful Advisory Committee

The key to a successful automotive, diesel, and collision program depends on their advisory committee. Advisory committees provide instructors with up-to-date information from people working in the industry. And, the industry can provide instructors with information on what they need students to learn to be successful on the job. Below are five tips to help

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