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Why Technicians Should Care about Obsolescence

Obsolescence is the single greatest detriment to parts department profits and health and, while many sources of obsolescence can only be managed and prevented by parts managers, over-ordering or misdiagnosis from technicians can contribute a large part of that pesky unneeded inventory. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes you just end

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Technician Scholarships ft. Janet Smail, The Hourglass Foundation

Episode Description Scholarships lessen students’ financial burden when paying for school. Tune in as Janet Smail, Executive Director of The Hourglass Foundation, covers scholarship criteria, tips for writing scholarship essays, and the various journeys available in the automotive industry. (1:32) Janet’s Background (12:06) Scholarship Funding (19:00) How Students Qualify for

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Tackling ASE Tests ft. Josh Arnold, Toyota of Corvallis

Episode Description Obtaining ASE certifications can be challenging. Josh Arnold, Master Technician, Toyota of Corvallis joins us to discuss the value of ASE certifications, conquering test anxiety, and how to prepare for an ASE test. (1:52) Value of ASE Certifications (8:55) ASE Test Anxiety & Pressure (27:55) Shop Support on

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Leveraging Gamification to Promote Technician Careers ft. Tina Zwolinski, skillsgapp

Episode Description This generation of technicians learns differently. Tina Zwolinksi, CEO & Founder, skillsgapp, shares her knowledge on how gamification can engage the younger generation and attract them to technician careers. (1:02) Guest Background (3:12) Defining and Communicating with Gen Z (17:12) Embracing the Digital World (23:01) What is Gamification?

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Help Us Get 1,000 Schools on WrenchWay School Connect

Our goal for 2023 is to get more schools involved with WrenchWay School Connect to help promote and improve the automotive, diesel, and collision industries. WrenchWay School Connect allows auto, diesel, and collision instructors to share what’s new with their program and request resources from local shops and dealerships. Instructors

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One Team, One Goal ft. Jen Ellestad, Fixed Operations Director, Zimbrick

Episode Description To make an impact as a leader, build trust within your team. Jen Ellestad, Fixed Operations Director of Zimbrick Fish Hatchery Road in Madison, Wisconsin explains the importance of building trust, communication styles, and finding the right people for your shop. (2:17) Guest Background (16:06) Challenges When Communicating

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Mastering Employer Branding ft. Ed Roberts, Bozard Ford Lincoln

Episode Description The best thing a dealership can do is create a place of employment technicians want to work at. Ed Roberts, Chief Operations Officer, Bozard Ford Lincoln is back on the podcast to discuss how to create a strong employer brand, finding the right personalities for a shop, changes

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Budgets, Benefits, and Flexibility ft. Rob Frohwein and Kathryn Petralia, Keep Financial

Episode Description As a technician, managing your budget and making wise purchases isn’t always easy. Rob Frohwein and Kathryn Petralia, Co-Founders of Keep Financial, share their expertise on how technicians and shops can discuss pay, benefits, flexibility, and advice on budgeting. (1:23) Guests Background (8:19) Removing Barriers to Make Life

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