We recently asked our network of auto, diesel, and collision technicians for their favorite industry-related YouTube channels (besides WrenchWay, of course).

According to the poll we posted on Shop Talk, Humble Mechanic and Flat Rate Master were among the top favorites, gathering 37% and 21% of the votes, respectively.

Check out the complete list of technician-recommended YouTube channels below.

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Best YouTube Channels for Technicians

South Main Auto

743K subscribers
Eric O. of South Main Auto grew up in the automotive industry in his parents’ shop and has worked for over 22 years as a full-time mechanic repairing domestic, Asian cars, and light trucks. With his channel, he makes videos that provide accurate information, saving you time and money.

Super Mario Diagnostics

31K subscribers
Super Mario Diagnostics shares their point of view on automotive diagnostics, repairs, and other automotive tech-related subjects. The channel is perfect for the average DIYer and professional automotive tech.


355K subscribers
Paul Danner (aka ScannerDanner) offers free car repair videos and tutorials. View his book, online classes, and other life-changing material by upgrading to ScannerDanner Premium.

Humble Mechanic

717K subscribers
Join Humble Mechanic as he talks about the many areas of the car repair world, including cars, car parts, and DIY videos. Also, if you are thinking about becoming a technician, he shows you how to get started.

Flat Rate Master

47.9K subscribers
This channel is dedicated to helping new technician begin, survive, and make a living in the world of the flat rate pay system.


335K subscribers
ZIP TIES N BIAS PLIES is a comedic and educational channel focused on fixings cars, burnouts, and good fun.


166K subscribers
DiagnoseDan tries to fix everything on his channel. Along the way, he hopes to teach you and make you a better mechanic.


1.71M subscribers
With a library of over 800 videos, Eric covers how-to auto repair, vehicle mods installation, killer street machine builds, and much more.

Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics

153K subscribers
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics applies the scientific method and basic principles to automotive diagnostics and repair. Most videos feature live troubleshooting of automotive drivability and electrical problems.


2.79K subscribers
Pauly created this channel to share his experiences and opinions about the automotive industry. Along this journey, he hopes to help himself and others grow to become better at all aspects while working in the industry.

Trained by Techs

12.8K subscribers
Trained by Techs is a channel ran by a group of automotive technicians who produce videos to start conversations about their experiences in the automotive repair industry. Like many of you, they’re diagnosing cars every day and learning new things every day.

Project Farm

2.65M subscribers
Project Farm tests everything from tools to automotive products to help viewers make informed purchasing decisions so they can avoid getting ripped off.


631K subscribers
From American muscle to classics to diesels, learn how to build, swap, and repair anything with a throttle.

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