We asked technicians to send us their go-to TikTok accounts, and boy, did they deliver! Our community recommended a plethora of other engaging content. From lifestyle technicians to auto comedy, tips, tutorials, and beyond, here’s a list of their top picks!

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Automotive & Diesel TikTok Creators that Technicians Love

Check Engine Chuck LLC

386K Followers, 6.7M Likes
Chuck, owner of Check Engine Chuck, LLC, provides viewers with an inside look at the ins and outs of running a mobile auto repair business, showcasing both the highs and lows, while also sharing intriguing diagnostic repairs.

Diesel Tech Chris

148K Followers, 2.1M Likes
Chris is a Senior Master Ford Diesel Specialist who covers various repairs as a dealership technician.

Royalty Auto Service

572.5K Followers, 5M Likes
Royalty Auto Service is a family-owned repair shop located in Georgia. On TikTok, they share an inside look at their business, provide used vehicle advice, and offer product reviews.


36.4K Followers, 641K Likes

The WrenchWay team creates engaging content for individuals in the automotive and diesel industry. Committed to enhancing technician careers, WrenchWay produces videos at various shops and dealerships, addresses challenging industry issues such as compensation, and more!

Daniel Diaz | BMW Technician

12.8K Followers, 225.2K Likes
Daniel Diaz is a highly skilled BMW-Certified Technician located in Miami, FL. In his clean-cut videos, he walks viewers through his everyday repairs as a technician from start to finish. (Daniel was also a recent guest on the Beyond the Wrench podcast! Check out his episode, Tool & Career Advice for Young Technicians.)

Jason Olinger

83.9K Followers, 1.7M Likes
Rising TikTok star Jason Olinger showcases over two decades of experience in various technical roles through his videos. From repairs to work updates, Jason covers it all. (Jason was also a guest on the Beyond the Wrench podcast. Check out his episode, Tackling the Technician Shortage.)


2.4M Followers, 28.9M Likes
With over nine million subscribers across multiple platforms, ChrisFix specializes in “How To” videos, supplying viewers with the knowledge they need to fix their car.

Humble Mechanic

371.6K Followers, 4.8M Likes
Humble Mechanic discusses various areas of the auto industry with a focus on Volkswagen repairs.


267.6K Followers, 5.2M Likes
Mike shares various diesel repair stories and even offers a paid hotline where viewers can call with questions.


620.6K Followers, 20M Likes
On MechanicLink’s page, they share insight on various auto repairs, discuss different auto topics, and more.

Performance Transmission

985.9K Followers, 8.7M Likes
Brandon Sloan of Performance Transmission specializes in building transmissions and shares various transmission repairs and tips on TikTok and other similar platforms. (Brandon was also featured on the WrenchWay blog in a Technician Spotlight!)


107.4K Followers, 4.9M Likes
Chris Craig has unique experiences in the automotive technology and business management sectors, with a range of job experiences. Follow their page to hear their perspective on various auto topics. (Check out Chris’ episode on the Beyond the Wrench Podcast, Making Your Service Advisors a Priority.)

Mr. Subaru

423.1K Followers, 7.9M Likes
Mr. Subaru primarily shares Subaru content and provides honest reviews on tools technicians need in their collections.

Mercedes AMG Mechanic

4K Followers, 82.5K Likes
Follow “A Day in the Life as a Technician” videos and witness repairs conducted by a Mercedes technician.

The Yatted Mechanic

47.7K Followers, 1.8M Likes
Receive recommendations on essential tools worth investing in, along with a ton of automotive tips and amusing industry-related content from a mechanic based in Maryland.


178.8K Followers, 4.3M Likes
Michael Dey of WeWrench documents the restoration of rare German cars and debunks various auto-related myths along the way.

Alberta Mechanic

73.4K Followers, 2.9M Likes
Scott Acres, also known as the “Alberta Mechanic,” shares funny content every technician can relate to.

Grind Hard Plumbing Co

3.2M Followers, 44.4M Likes
The team at Grind Hard Plumbing Co. showcases their custom-built vehicles and contraptions, all while having a bit of fun.

Cleetus McFarland

47.7K Followers, 627.6K Likes
Cleetus takes viewers on a wild ride of various car repairs, exotic purchases, and motorsport challenges.


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