We know that finding qualified technicians is not always an easy job. This is why it is so important for shops to create a job posting that is effective at attracting the right technicians. We’ve identified some of the common errors, and came up with 15 tips on how you can write an effective automotive technician job posting.

15 Tips for Writing an Effective Automotive Technician Job Posting

1. Use Proper Formatting

Your job posting should have a structured and organized layout. It can be very difficult to read a job posting that is one never-ending paragraph. Be sure to use titles, subtitles, links, and bullet points to keep your job posting organized. This will make the job posting a lot easier for technicians to read.

Sample Job Posting Layout:

how to format a job posting

2. Sound Like a Human Being

No one wants to read a job posting that sounds like it was written by a robot. The point of your job posting is to attract technicians, so show some personality! Avoid using big words that people aren’t going to understand, and make it personable.

3. Clear Job Title

Use a job title that is going to be easy for technicians to find. If you’re hiring for an “Automotive Technician,” then that should be the job title in the job posting. Job titles such as, “Hardworking Awesome Technician” are not going to show up in search results because that’s not how the technicians are searching for jobs.

4. Show Your Company Culture

We’ve worked with thousands of technicians, and what we’re learning is work environment and shop culture are becoming two critical factors when techs are looking for a new job. Be sure to include details and descriptions that are going to show what it is like to work for your shop. Technicians want to know that this is a great shop to work at BEFORE they even apply. One way Dan’s Auto Centre in Mineral Point, Wisconsin does this is by sharing videos of technicians and management talking about what it’s like to work at their shop. You can check out some of these videos on Dan’s Top Shop Page.

5. Explain the Job Responsibilities

Technicians want to know the day-to-day responsibilities of the job. Using a bulleted list with a description of the different position duties is a great way for technicians to put themselves in the shoes of someone who works at your shop. They don’t want to be blindsided and not know the type of work they will be doing on the job, so make sure your list of responsibilities is all-inclusive.

6. Include Required Qualifications

If there are specific certifications, degrees, or programs that a candidate needs to know or have for the position they should be clearly listed. No one wants to waste time filling out an application just to find out they didn’t have the required skills for the position in the first place.

7. Avoid Asking for References in the First Contact

The job posting and application should be an opportunity for you to get a brief background of the technician and their qualifications. Save asking for references until further down the hiring process. There is no need to waste people’s time asking for references you’re not going to call.

8. Describe the Hiring Process

No one likes getting thrown into a situation where they don’t know what’s going on. Be sure to explain what the hiring process will look like. You don’t want applicants sitting around wondering if they’ll hear back from you tomorrow or next week. Make sure they know how quickly you’re looking to make a decision, when they will hear back from you, and what steps they will go through in the hiring process.

9. Include an Accurate Pay Range

We know it’s not always the most attractive topic to discuss, but it is crucial to include a reasonable pay range in your job posting. Even if we don’t want to admit it, pay range can be one of the top decision-makers for technicians when looking for a new job. Most technicians won’t even apply for a job that doesn’t have pay range listed.

10. Explain (Don’t Just List) Your Benefits

Just as important as pay range, benefits should be included into your job posting. If you offer great benefits, you’ll want the technicians applying to your shop to know that. Having a clear list of the benefits that you offer will make it easier for technicians in their decision-making process. But many times, a list of benefits isn’t even enough. Stand out from your competition by including more details, such as providers, percentage covered by the shop, 401(k) matching, and even perks like catered lunches, tool allowances, paid trainings, etc.

11. Include Contact Information

Including contact information for the hiring manager or whoever is doing the hiring is a good habit to get into when creating a technician job posting. That way if the candidate has any questions, they know exactly who they can reach out to.

12. Keep it Simple to Apply

No one wants to spend hours applying for a job that they aren’t certain is a good fit. Make the process simple for technicians. You don’t need to gather all their information initially. You will learn more as you go through the hiring process, so keep it simple at first.

13. Avoid Slang Words

It’s important to let your company personality shine in your job posting, but you still need to be professional. Refrain from using slang words or acronyms as some candidates might not understand what they mean or what they stand for. It’s best to use a clear language that all applicants will be able to understand.

14. Don’t Exaggerate

If your job posting is sounding too good to be true, that might raise a red flag for the candidates. Be realistic with the responsibilities of the position, or you will risk losing out on qualified technicians.

15. Add a Link to Your Top Shop Profile

Most automotive technician job postings look the same. Even the best technician job posts don’t give technicians a full picture of what it’s like to work at your shop. WrenchWay Top Shop Pages are a great way to stand out from the competition and attract more technicians to your shop.

Sample Automotive Technician Job Posting:

sample automotive technician job posting


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