At the beginning of each semester, we encourage automotive, diesel, and CTE instructors at high schools and post-secondary institutions to post updates about their program and list any needs/support they could use from local shops and dealers on WrenchWay School Assist.

This semester, instructors came in HOT, posting 500+ new requests for resources on WrenchWay!

So what happens next? We’re looking for shops and dealerships who are willing to help out these auto/diesel/CTE programs! Check out the details below.


WrenchWay: A Better Way to Hire Technicians

What is WrenchWay School Assist?

WrenchWay School Assist is like a marketplace that helps shops and dealerships connect with instructors of local automotive, diesel, and CTE programs. Instructors post periodic updates about what’s going on in their classes, and post requests for how local shops and dealerships can help support their program and future technicians.

WrenchWay School Assist is free for instructors to use, and is included for shops and dealerships with a Top Shop Membership:

What are Instructors Asking For on WrenchWay School Assist?

Instructors are looking for resources and support, big and small! Even if your shop can’t make a large contribution like a vehicle or expensive equipment, there are several opportunities to support these programs and the students in them, such as:

  • Shop tours
  • Career fair participation
  • Speaking to a class
  • Job shadowing and work-based learning opportunities
  • Tool, equipment, and supply donations

How Do I Help a School on WrenchWay?

Shops and dealerships who have a WrenchWay Top Shop Membership, can connect with these schools and help out by logging into your WrenchWay account and visiting “School Assist.” Once there, you will see a listing of open requests from schools in your area. If there’s a request you think you can help with, click into the request details to message the instructor directly.