From one simple message on WrenchWay’s online platform to a four truck donation to a new diesel program, learn how Benore Logistic Systems, Inc. has grown their relationship with Spartanburg Community College.

Instructor Seeks Support From Industry to Grow New Diesel Program

Spartanburg Community College recently started a diesel program, headed by instructor, Joshua Mauldin. As a former technician with an extensive background in the industry, Joshua knew he had to connect with local shops and dealerships to ensure his students could stay current with industry trends and to help grow the program.

“The budgets for colleges, even for new programs, are not super high,” explains Joshua. “Given that this is a heavy truck and heavy equipment program, you can’t just go out and buy a brand new or even used truck, so donations are crucial to the growth of the program.”

Donations from businesses help schools make up for tight budgets, but donations from local businesses are even better. “Local donations represent what students are going to see in the real world. Students can go into a classroom and see actual equipment from this area,” Joshua said. These vehicles are crucial in training the future technicians of the diesel industry.

Spartanburg Community College Joins WrenchWay to Streamline Communication with Local Businesses

As a new instructor, it was Joshua’s job to build the program from the ground up. He was immediately intrigued by WrenchWay’s free resources for schools, and signed up. Joshua especially appreciated the support the WrenchWay team provides along the way—ensuring requests are posted correctly and local shops and dealerships are aware of the requests.

For a new instructor like Joshua, communicating with local industry was just easier on WrenchWay. He was able to get in touch with the right shop contact immediately through a simple online message.

“WrenchWay made the communication spot on. One of the issues that I have is that if I call a random shop, I’m getting the lady or the guy that works at the front desk. Then I say, ‘I’m an instructor, and I need to talk to somebody about hiring students or to see if you have any materials to donate.’ Half of the time they don’t know who to forward your call to and you don’t land with the right person. With WrenchWay, I was able to talk to four different people at one company about different things, and it just made that communication direct, rather than getting passed around.”

Joshua Mauldin, Program Director, Diesel Power and Emerging Tech. at Spartanburg Community College

WrenchWay: Connecting Schools with Local Shops

Spartanburg Community College Connects with Benore Logistic Systems, Inc. & Receives Truck Donation

Through WrenchWay, Spartanburg Community College and Benore Logistic Systems, Inc. have been able to connect and start building a partnership. After a few discussions, the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) was brought up, and Benore expressed how they needed to do away with a few trucks. Benore was very happy to not only get these trucks off their hands, but also put them towards a good cause.

Michael McDonald, Senior Director of Maintenance at Benore Logistic Systems, Inc., explains, “These trucks were exactly what they [Spartanburg Community College] were looking for. We had to dispose of them, and this was a way to make a donation, and do something good for students in our area.”

It was truly a win-win-win for Benore, Spartanburg Community College, and the Diesel Power and Emerging Tech students!

Picture of two of the four diesel trucks donated

Benore’s Educational Partnerships in the Community Continue to Flourish

Benore Logistic Systems, Inc. continues to support several schools in and near the Greer, SC area. They understand that instructors only get so much funding, training, and support from administrators, so they’re here to help fill any gaps they can.

“We invite community college instructors and say ‘Anytime we’re going to do a training, we’ll just send you an invite. If you can make it, you can bring some students.’ I’ll even see if the trainer is going to be in the area for a few days and invite them to swing by the community college and do an hour class for the students. These are things that don’t cost us anything, but it’s relevant, real-world, current technology training that will be of value to the students.”

Michael McDonald, Senior Director of Maintenance, Benore Logistic Systems, Inc.

Learn How WrenchWay Can Help Connect Your Business to Local Schools

WrenchWay simplifies the process for shops and dealerships to support local auto, diesel, and CTE programs. WrenchWay makes it easy for instructors to post program updates and request assistance, and allows shops and schools to communicate directly through one platform.

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