Just about every shop out there is hiring, making it difficult to stand out as a top employer for technicians. This is why Boardwalk Auto Group turned to WrenchWay to help improve their online presence and attract more technicians using our job board specific to automotive jobs.

Learn how Boardwalk Auto Group has improved their dealership’s recruiting process, built a backlog of candidates, and hired a technician they would have otherwise missed out on.

WrenchWay: A Better Way to Hire Technicians

Improving the Auto Group’s Online Presence with WrenchWay Top Shop Pages

Having an online presence as a shop is very important when attracting and retaining employees. In fact, a recent poll showed more than 90% of technicians look at everything they can find online about a shop before they apply.

However, this requires going beyond just having a website and place for candidates to apply. It is about properly representing your shop and making a good first impression. The Boardwalk Auto Group team knew that their shops were more than what technicians were perceiving through their website.

“Before WrenchWay, we had one sentence on our website that said, ‘Please submit your resume here.’ That was it.”

Jack Weinzierl, Vice President of Marketing, Boardwalk Auto Group

The dealership was falling short and missing out on attracting candidates. Boardwalk wasn’t showcasing their updated shops, employee reviews and testimonials, and other elements that highlighted their thriving work environment and facilities. That’s when they turned to WrenchWay’s Top Shop pages to help them stand out and showcase their shops.

“I think WrenchWay has filled that gap that we didn’t have—something that attracted the right people. WrenchWay is appealing, makes it simple for somebody to apply, and add their qualifications.”

Craig Bowen, Vice President of Fixed Operations, Boardwalk Auto Group

Higher Quality Applicants Through WrenchWay

Even though Boardwalk Auto Group currently does not have a lot of open technician positions (a good problem to have), they are always recruiting. Being a part of a platform specific to the automotive community means their shops know they are getting quality candidates and growing their bench.

“We’ve had a lot of good candidates come through WrenchWay, but we don’t necessarily have open positions. When candidates are submitting applications for stores we don’t have an open role at, somebody will always reach out and follow up. We’ve especially seen a lot of good candidates apply within the past year through WrenchWay.”

Jack Weinzierl, Vice President of Marketing, Boardwalk Auto Group

Recent Technician Hiring Success: Applied, Hired, & Relocated

Recently, Boardwalk Auto Group had a technician apply through WrenchWay. The service manager replied right away, and had the technician tour the shop and interview. They made the technician an offer and he accepted within a couple of days.

The crazy part: This technician and their family lived about eight hours away from the shop!

“How would a technician hours away find a car dealership in Lewisville,, Texas, without WrenchWay? They certainly wouldn’t have with what we had in the past. We are proud to say that the technician moved with their family, started working, and has done a wonderful job. They fit in really well.”

Craig Bowen, Vice President of Fixed Operations, Boardwalk Auto Group

How Can WrenchWay Help My Shop Find Technicians?

Recruiting top talent isn’t what it used to be in the automotive and diesel industry. WrenchWay works with over 1,000 shops and dealerships across the United States, and we have seen and understand the struggle firsthand. We have found that it takes a mix of efforts and insights, which we have compiled into a few tools that make it easier for your shop to stand out, attract talent, connect with schools, and grow the industry.

Learn How to Get 10 Qualified Applicants with WrenchWay