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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by Chryssa Hunlock, Service Manager, California Truck Centers. Chryssa shares with us how she became comfortable posting on social media, creating consistent content, and how she uses social media to attract more people into the industry.

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Getting Comfortable on Social Media

  • You can connect with a lot of different people through social media.
  • Instill empathy into social posts. Go out to the shops, see the field, and take pictures. That will show more and be more meaningful.
  • By posting on social media, you are opening the doors to get more people interested in the industry.
  • Social media can be intimidating, but it is too powerful of a tool to not be utilizing.

Creating Consistent, Nonrepetitive Content

  • Always look for a hook, or impact to get more people to understand what it is like in the industry.
  • The goal is to reach someone who maybe never considered this field.
  • Open as many doors as humanly possible. As long as there is quality, quantity becomes the most important thing when it comes to social media.
  • You never know what your impact could be on social media or where it could lead you, but if you’re not posting, your impact will be zero.
  • Start with an idea, and then make a post about it. Don’t try to force content.

Be Authentic in Your Content

  • Document, don’t create. Document your journey and what you’re doing.
  • When it’s real authentic content, it will hit home with people.
  • Social media allows you to build your own brand, and do so with integrity.
  • As people see your social posts, you’ll slowly earn their trust.

Boost Your Shop’s Reach and Help Promote the Industry through Social Media

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