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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by John Spence, Business Advisor and Author. John shares with us what employees are looking for in a job, how to build a strong team, and the characteristics of a great leader.

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6 Things Top Talent Looks for in a Job

  • Fair pay. Employees don’t necessarily want the highest pay, but just to be paid fairly.
  • Challenging and meaningful work. People should be challenged in their job, and enjoy the work they do.
  • Cool Colleagues. “A” players only want to play with other “A” players.
  • Winning culture. People want to work for a company where they know they can succeed.
  • Personal and professional development. Work for a company that invests in their employees and sends them to training.
  • Work for a leader you trust, respect, and admire. Eighty-eight percent of people quit their job because of their immediate boss.

Building a Good Team

  • Focus on psychological safety. Make the work environment a safe place for people to bring up problems and issues without fear of being made fun of.
  • Focus on building human connections. Employees shouldn’t just come in, do their work, and leave.
  • When hiring a new employee, create A, B, and C priority lists. A is the stuff that is non-negotiable, like experience and certifications. B is the stuff that would be nice to have, but can be learned. C is a good skill, but doesn’t add much value to the position.
  • Be able to explain the company culture very clearly. If there is a candidate that will fit in the company culture, go around the office and introduce them to a couple people.

The Four Pages

  • The four pages are for someone in the company who is struggling. Their manager is in between terminating them or trying to save them, but really wants to turn them around.
  • Page one: Have the employee write out what they will do specifically to show management and everyone else on the team why they should stay here.
  • Page two: What does the employee need from the manager/leader to make sure their goals are achieved.
  • Page three: If the employee delivers everything they promised on page one, what’s a small reward they would like?
  • Page four: If the employee doesn’t deliver everything they promised on page one and were given everything they asked from management on page two, what should the ramifications be?

Characteristics of a Great Leader

  • Intelligence Quotient (IQ). This is reading, studying, going to seminars , and getting training to do your job better.
  • Emotional Quotient (EQ). The ability to have empathy, understanding, and make genuine connections with people.
  • Adaptability Quotient (AQ). Be nimble, fast, and handle changes in the marketplace.

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