Happy Father’s Day – The Jones Motorsports Story

Here at WrenchWay, we are always looking for new and exciting ways we can get involved with our local community. This is why we have decided to sponsor a local racing team, Jones Motorsports. Jones Motorsport is made up of two brothers, Parker and Payton Jones. For Father’s Day, we wanted to do something special

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Roundtable Recap: The Role of Management in Technician Recruitment & Retention

The number one reason employees leave companies is because of their manager, not their job. With that being said, owners/managers have to be doing everything they can to recruit and retain technicians. We hosted a roundtable with three amazing owners/managers to discuss how they build and foster relationships with technicians in their shops. Watch the

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WrenchWay Announces Local Shop Talk Newsletters

WrenchWay today announced the creation of local Shop Talk newsletters. The newsletters will give professionals working in the automotive, diesel, heavy equipment, and collision industries an easy way to see what’s going on at shops and dealerships in their area. WrenchWay will be starting with newsletters in 10 cities: Atlanta, GA Austin, TX Boston, MA

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WrenchWay June Topic of the Month: Great Owners & Managers

According to a recent WrenchWay Insiders poll, 65% of technicians have left or considered leaving a job because of a manager. In this competitive job market, shop owners and managers need to be doing everything they can to build and foster relationships with technicians. Throughout the month of June, we will be sharing content, hosting

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Webinar Recap: Technician Onboarding — Setting Up Your Techs for Success

Sixty-nine percent of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding. So, why aren’t more shops making onboarding a top priority? We recently hosted a roundtable including three industry experts to discuss common onboarding mistakes, how to create a successful onboarding process, and the long-term effects

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New WrenchWay School Connect Requests

We are highlighting open requests on WrenchWay School Connect in hopes we can help get them filled for the school. Help us help these schools by sharing this post on social media and tagging any local shops. Interested in helping out a school in your area? Join WrenchWay School Connect for free. Great Lakes Adventist

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WrenchWay Launches New Monthly Topics to Help Improve & Promote Technician Careers

At WrenchWay, we understand that in order to solve the technician shortage, we need to be continually promoting and improving technician careers. And, if we’re being honest, there are some much needed changes that need to happen in the automotive, diesel, and collision industries in order to do so. Each month, we will be sharing

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Heavy-Duty Distributors: The Parts & Technician Shortages Webinar Recap

In this webinar, leaders of WrenchWay and Fullbay discuss how the parts and technician shortages are impacting heavy-duty shops, the industry, and more. The Part Shortage 82% of shops reported at least some disruption from the parts shortage in 2021. Unfortunately, the parts shortage doesn’t seem to be going away in the next year. Even

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Webinar Recap: Attract More Technicians—Figure Out What Makes Your Shop Better Than the Rest

Didn’t have a chance to attend the webinar last week? We have the recording and everything you missed below. During the webinar, we discussed strategies for finding out what makes your shop unique, how to promote your shop's strengths, and best practices on attracting more technicians. Watch the Full Webinar Webinar Recap State of Recruiting

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Need a New Strategy for Recruiting Technicians? Let’s Chat at NADA

Dealerships everywhere are having to rethink and get creative with their recruiting strategies in order to attract technicians. The growing shortage of technicians has led to a fight for attention between shops for the 5% of technicians who are actively looking for jobs on major job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc. Most recruiting strategies end there—completely

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