2023 was a great year, but we are SUPER excited to show you all what WrenchWay has in store for the automotive and diesel industry in 2024!

Before we slip into the new year, we want to take a few minutes to reminisce and share with you the content on the WrenchWay blog you couldn’t get enough of this year. Enjoy!

Top 5 WrenchWay Articles of 2023

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Recruiting Technicians

Finding technicians to apply is hard enough. The last thing any hiring manager or shop owner wants is to lose that applicant during the recruitment and hiring process. The good news is the missteps when recruiting technicians are easy to avoid. Check out our list to learn more.

Advice for New Technicians from Experienced Auto & Diesel Technicians

During a local shop visit, our marketing team asked a few technicians what advice they have for technicians who are new to the industry. They said things like, “Take the advice,” and “Keep an open mind.” We turned their advice into a TikTok that currently has over 73k views and 200 comments. Then we thought, why stop with just a TikTok?

We asked more technicians in our network the same question: What advice do you have for new technicians who are just entering the industry? Check out what they had to say.

2023 TechMission Local Events – Giveaway Winners

This past fall, we hosted our first round of TechMission Local Events in cities across the U.S. We were proud to give away 89 prizes. Check out the official prize list and the winners!

TechMission 2023 Recap: Treating Technicians Like an Asset, Not an Expense

TechMission 2023 brought together technicians, shop managers/owners, instructors, and other industry professionals for its fourth consecutive year, focusing on “Treating Technicians Like an Asset, Not an Expense.” In case you missed it or need a refresher, here’s a recap of the key topics that were covered at the event.

2023 WrenchWay Award Winners

This year, to celebrate the immense amount of talent we have in the industry, we introduced WrenchWay Awards. We awarded shops, educators, technicians, and more in 10 different cities across the country as a part of our TechMission Local Events. Here is your full list of winners.

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