Ongoing training is essential for automotive and diesel technicians to stay up-to-date on the latest technology, grow their skillset, and advance their careers. There’s a lot of different training and certifications that technicians complete, and it can be difficult to keep track of them all. We wanted to make that easier.

Whether you’re filling out job applications, need to get reimbursed for training, or just want an easy way to organize completed training, technicians can now track and manage all their certifications and training right in WrenchWay.

With WrenchWay’s Certification & Training Tracker, technicians can easily record and organize all their continuing education in one place. Technicians can:

  • Use categories to organize training courses and certifications
  • Upload photos of certifications and other attachments
  • Record notes about the training
  • Sort, filter, and export a list of training and certifications

Soon, technicians will also be able to search for upcoming online and in-person training opportunities in WrenchWay as well.

Currently, the certification and training tracker is only available on browser, but will be coming to the WrenchWay mobile app soon.

If you’re a company that provides training to automotive or diesel technicians and you’d like to promote your training on WrenchWay for free, contact us!

How to Access WrenchWay’s Technician Certification & Training Tracker

If you’re a technician who already has a WrenchWay account, you can access the Certification & Training Tracker on the WrenchWay website. As a reminder, the certification tracker is currently only available on browser, but will be available soon on the WrenchWay mobile app.

If you don’t have a WrenchWay account, you can sign up for free on our website.