Diesel technicians play a crucial role in keeping the heavy-duty industry running smoothly. In this article, we dive into some statistics surrounding this important profession—exploring everything from job satisfaction to what diesel technicians look for in an employer.

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  • 95% of diesel technicians are male (Zippia).
  • The average age of diesel technicians is 42 years old (Zippia).
  • 64% of diesel technicians are white/Caucasian, followed by Hispanic or Latino (20%) (Zippia).

What Diesel Technicians Want in an Employer

  • 92% of diesel technicians want paid training provided by the employer.
  • 96% of diesel technicians want paid vacation time.
  • 78% of diesel technicians want thorough and consistent performance reviews.
  • 80% of diesel technicians agree that a well-documented career path is important.
  • 58% of diesel technicians don’t want to work weekends.
  • 57% of diesel technicians want to work for a shop that provides an adequate tool allowance.
  • 43% of diesel technicians would prefer to be paid hourly while 41% would prefer to be paid hourly with a production bonus.

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Diesel Technician Job Satisfaction

  • 68% of diesel technicians believe their shop provides adequate paid training.
  • 68% of diesel technicians think their employer provides fair compensation.
  • 70% of diesel technicians think their employer provides good benefits.
  • 56% of diesel technicians feel respected by management.
  • Less than half (43%) of diesel technicians think their shop management communicates well.
  • 56% of diesel technicians think their shop has a well laid out career path.

Diesel Industry

  • 45% of diesel technicians have considered leaving the industry.
  • 44% of diesel technicians believe in order to fix the technician shortage, we should start by having shops pay for tools or provide an adequate tool allowance.
  • 20% of diesel technicians said they would be very likely to recommend their profession to a friend.
  • Employment of diesel technicians is projected to show little or no change from 2022 to 2032 (BLS).

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