We joined Jacob Findlay, Fullbay, Co-Founder & CEO, Chris O’Brien, Fullbay, COO, along with Aaron Picozzi, President of American Diesel Training Centers, to discuss the technician shortage, how shops can survive, and much more!

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Webinar Highlights

Why is There a Technician Shortage?

  • Shops need to build trust if they want to get people involved in the automotive and diesel industry.
  • This isn’t a new problem; we’ve put it on the back burner for so long, and we are now seeing the results.
  • The aging workforce is leaving the industry faster than people are coming in.
  • Millennials are being forced to go to a four year college, and it’s not the best path for everyone.

What Can Shops Do to Get Technicians?

  • We eat our young worse than any other industry out there. Forty-two percent of technicians leave the industry within the first two years.
  • Shops need to implement apprenticeship programs to build interest and get students in shops.
  • Shops need patience during the onboarding process to ensure the students are comfortable and learning.
  • We can’t put all technicians in the same bucket. People progress at different rates, and if we kill their confidence they won’t come back.

What Do Shops Do to Drive New Technicians Away?

  • People don’t leave a business; they leave a manager.
  • We have to give students a clear pathway in the industry. If students can’t see a future in the industry, they aren’t going to stay.
  • New technicians have to be trained correctly. Nobody is a master technician starting out.

The Importance of Setting Expectations

  • Transparency is a big deal. Nobody wants to be blindsided coming into a new job.
  • Every shop has their own dynamics and personalities, and it’s important to promote it.
  • Be truthful about what you expect from technicians. It will save time for everyone in the long run.

How to Keep Technicians Happy

  • Provide incentives that align with the needs of each employee. Everyone likes to be recognized differently.
  • Listen to what your technicians want, cater to them, and take action.
  • Technicians feel they are not being heard. It’s important to sit down and have true conversations about what is going on in the workplace.

Gaps Between Schools and Shops

  • Students come out of tech school and aren’t learning the correct skills they need to succeed in the shop.
  • Students are getting certifications from the tech schools, but can’t turn a wrench.
  • As a shop owner, you should be on advisory boards to connect with schools.
  • Get involved in school programs, and don’t just show up when you need something.