Inventory management in any automotive service center is an important part of the business. Managing your shop’s inventory is key to making sure your business runs smoothly and efficiently, and helps reduce waste and unnecessary expenses.

However, even shops with the most sophisticated inventory management process in place will find themselves with obsolete parts and outdated equipment. Getting rid of obsolete parts is critical as it can be a continual cash drain on your business. Staying on top of replacing outdated equipment is just as important to make sure your technicians have the tools they need to do their jobs.

…But what should shops and dealerships actually do with obsolete parts and outdated equipment and tools? We have a great suggestion.

Dealership Donates Airbags to Local High School Automotive Program

Recently, a dealership in Madison, Wisconsin discovered some unused airbags while doing inventory. Instead of throwing them out and listing them online, they decided to list them on WrenchWay School Connect for donation to any local schools who could use them.

“We had an inventory and found that there were cores from an airbag recall that were never called back. I know that some schools in the past have had value in these types of donations. They’ve used it for a demonstration for their students, so I just figured we would post it on WrenchWay and see if there was a need.”

Michael Hoerstmann
Service Manager, Metro Ford of Madison

In less than an hour, Metro Ford of Madison received multiple responses from local high schools who were interested in the airbags. EJ Pilarski, Automotive Instructor at Jefferson High School, was fortunate enough to take all the airbags for his class.

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Donating Parts, Equipment, & Vehicles to Local Schools Made Easy

So many automotive, diesel, and CTE programs are faced with extremely tight budgets. When local shops and dealerships are able to help out with things like airbags, tools, or any unused equipment, it makes a huge difference.

Oftentimes, the hardest part of donating supplies is knowing who to contact at local high schools or post-secondary institutions. WrenchWay makes it super easy by providing a place for shops and dealers to list any items they have, and schools can reach out directly if they’re interested. It’s free for schools to join, and connecting with WrenchWay’s network of 700+ schools is included for shops as a part of their Top Shop membership.

Turning Idle Inventory Into Meaningful Donations

Effective inventory management is crucial for the smooth operation of automotive service centers, yet even with advanced processes in place, shops may accumulate obsolete parts and outdated equipment.

The story of Metro Ford of Madison exemplifies a commendable solution—donating unused inventory to local high schools through WrenchWay School Connect. This initiative not only alleviates the financial strain on schools with tight budgets, but also ensures that resources find purposeful use, benefiting the education and practical training of aspiring technicians.

The practice of donating parts, equipment, and vehicles to local schools is a win-win scenario, fostering collaboration between industry and education while contributing to the growth and development of future automotive professionals.