Your shop’s efficiency is determined by the technology that automates your processes and the skilled technicians that fix your customers’ cars. A talented technician has their pick when it comes to finding an auto shop to hub their craft.

The infamous question remains: How can you get the best local talent to choose your shop and stick around for years to come?

It all starts with technology. Paper and phone are last-century, and innovation is essential for survival. Talented technicians take jobs at auto shops that are packed with the latest technology, allowing them to produce their best work. This also gives them the ability to crank out more jobs on a daily basis – a win-win!

Not sure where to start? From dedicated workstations to digital vehicle inspection capability, there are a few additions you could make to your auto shop that will draw in top technicians. Implementing the tools below is the first step in revving your auto shop to new speeds.

Tools to recruit top technicians

Retaining top talent will allow your shop to stay on top in the competitive automotive repair industry. With technicians completing digital vehicle inspections from dedicated workstations, they’re able to work more efficiently – getting vehicles in and out of your shop without the hassle. Digital estimates allow for ease-of-use for staff and quick approval from customers. Shop-Ware has found that auto shops receive an 89% digital estimate approval rate on average, so you can get to ‘yes’ faster. It’s no secret that when service writing is fast, smooth, and profitable, both technicians and customers are happy.

Bringing more profit into your shop is another positive effect of implementing the latest technology. With technicians moving faster than ever before, your auto shop will be able to complete more jobs and be more selective with the jobs you take on – increasing your average RO. When considering upgrading your shop’s technology, it is important to remember that the latest technology provides a complete solution – from retaining talent to increasing profits.

Shop-Ware as the Solution

Shop-Ware shop management software provides professional-grade business solutions to the automotive industry’s leading repair shops so they can run entirely on the cloud; phone optional, and paper-free. Connecting the aftermarket together, Shop-Ware’s ecosystem enables next-generation shop efficiency and customer satisfaction without compromise. Full-service onboarding and best-in-class support provide everything a shop needs to transform its business and stay competitive long into the future.

If you’d like to learn more about implementing Shop-Ware as the solution in your shop, request a demo.