When most shops and dealerships think of WrenchWay Top Shop pages, they think of it as a tool to use to supplement their technician recruiting efforts. Top Shop pages are a great way to give technicians a look at what it’s actually like to work at your shop. We see many shops including a link to their Top Shop page in their job postings, on their website and social media pages, and even including a QR code that goes to their page on their printed recruiting materials.

Using your WrenchWay Top Shop page is a great way to attract technicians, but the value doesn’t stop there. We’re seeing more and more shops and dealerships using their Top Shop page to keep technician candidates engaged in the hiring process after they apply as well.

WrenchWay: A Better Way to Hire Technicians

3 Shops Using WrenchWay Top Shop Pages to Keep Technician Candidates Engaged

Trailways of New York | Kingston, NY & Albany, NY

Trailways of New York has been using their WrenchWay Top Shop pages to send to candidates before they come in for an interview. Whether or not the candidate took the time to review the page has been an excellent indicator for their recruiters on how the interview is going to go.

“If I have a candidate that I’m sourcing and reach out to with interest. I send them the [Top Shop page] link and have them do their homework before we talk. I give them at least a day to read through the information, compensation, benefits, and expectations. If they do their homework and have a lot of questions, I know the conversation is going to go well.”

Andrea Aspromonte, Recruiter, Trailways of New York

Trailways of New York’s Top Shop pages have been particularly helpful when recruiting younger technicians.

“It has been successful with a lot of younger people we’re hiring. It’s a great way to show younger people the career path we can offer them.”

Andrea Aspromonte, Recruiter, Trailways of New York

Fix-It With Fred | Canton, OH

Fred Gestwicki, Owner of Fix-It With Fred, shared a story how he was able to ease a candidate’s apprehension of leaving the shop he was at to come work with Fred by using his WrenchWay Top Shop page. The technician had been at the same shop for eight years, and Fred offered him a position as a lead technician, but the candidate was nervous to make the move.

Fred and his employee had just finished creating some employee testimonial videos for their WrenchWay Top Shop page, and the employee had suggested sharing those with the candidate.

“I took the WrenchWay videos and I emailed them [to the candidate]. I told him, ‘Before you make your final decision, watch these.’ That’s all I did. I sent him the interview videos from WrenchWay, and he texted me an hour later ‘When’s my first day?’”

Fred Gestwicki, Owner of Fix-It With Fred

Dan’s Auto Centre | Mineral Point, WI

When technicians see a posting on a job board, they often need more information before they apply. In fact, 75% of candidates research a company online before they apply. This is exactly what happened at Dan’s Auto Centre, our Co-Founder, Jay Goninen’s dad’s shop.

“A technician saw the job ad on Indeed, clicked on the link to our Top Shop page that we included on the job ad, and then used the information on the page to answer the questions he had about the shop. This made him feel comfortable enough to apply, and Dan ended up hiring him. Without the Top Shop page, I don’t think he would’ve felt comfortable enough to apply.”

Jay Goninen, Co-Founder & CEO, WrenchWay

Top Shop Pages Provide Versatile Use for Shops & Dealerships Hiring Technicians

Navigating the challenging landscape of technician recruiting and hiring is no easy task. Top Shop pages have emerged as a valuable resource for shops and dealerships with the key takeaway being the versatility it provides for keeping candidates engaged from start to finish of the recruiting and hiring process. From using your Top Shop page as a way to give technicians the confidence to apply to using it to seal the deal on a job offer, WrenchWay serves as a dynamic recruiting tool for all shops and dealerships.