Tool programs have become one of the top 10 benefits technicians look for when finding a new shop. As a shop owner, you know how important it is to have the correct tools. You also know that quality tools aren’t cheap. Below are some benefits of tool programs for shops and technicians.

Benefits of Technician Tool Programs

Create Trust Between Managers/Owners and Technicians

Technicians want to work for a manager/owner they can trust. Providing technicians with tool reimbursement or allowance allows them to trust the shop and shows them the shop cares about their technicians to invest in their work and future at the shop.

Build Confidence in Technicians

Being a technician isn’t always an easy job and can be a challenge mentally. Don’t add extra stress to a tech’s day by having them worry if they’ll have the right tools to get a job done. Technicians will feel more confident in the quality of work they are doing when they have the tools and equipment they need.

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Improve Employee Retention

Treat your technicians right, and they’ll want to stay and work at the shop. If technicians are enjoying their job and being treated fairly, then why would they want to leave? Keeping technicians happy, helping them with the tools and equipment, and ensuring they are taken care of are keys to employee retention.

Develop a Strong Company Culture

If technicians love their job, they’ll want to work hard, be more efficient, and produce higher quality work. Tool programs allow techs to focus on work and be happier walking into the shop every day.

Increase Technician Productivity

If a technician can’t afford the tools and equipment to get a job done, it could take them more time to complete a job or they might not be able to complete it correctly. Giving technicians the tools they need to be successful will increase the overall productivity in the shop.

Ensure Technician Safety

Not using the correct tools could cause technicians to use tools that aren’t meant for certain jobs, or they may even look for shortcuts. As a shop owner or manager, one of your primary goals should be the safety of your technicians. That starts by ensuring they have the correct tools to do their job.

Examples of Technician Tool Program

Initial Hiring Allowance

One of the hardest parts of building a tool collection is the initial investment. New technicians coming into the industry most likely don’t have a large tool collection. Provide new technicians with an initial tool allowance to help get them started.

Milestone Tool Awards

Tools are a great way to celebrate milestones. If technicians are working hard to better themselves by doing training, reward them with a small tool allowance. For example, for completing a new ASE training, they could earn $50 towards a tool allowance.

Anniversary Allowance

If a technician is celebrating a work anniversary, celebrate by providing them with a tool allowance as a thank you. It’s important to highlight those special moments in a technician’s career, and nothing says we appreciate you like money for tools.

Pay Shop Back Interest-Free

The interest on tools can really add up and can be one of the biggest barriers. One option is to buy some tools a technician needs, and then set up a payment plan for them to pay you back, interest-free. This way techs can get the tools they need while not getting overwhelmed with interest payments.

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Can’t Afford a Technician Tool Program? Start Small

We know offering a tool program for technicians isn’t doable for all shops. It can be a very costly benefit for shops to implement. However, this can be one of the biggest barriers to entry when people are looking to join this industry. Even if you can’t afford a big tool program at your shop, offering an occasional $50-$100 for doing a good job or to show appreciation can still go a long way.