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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by Martin Morgan, General Manager, Repair Shop Websites. Martin discusses the relationship between marketing and recruiting. He explains common marketing mistakes shops make, how to make marketing less intimidating, and traits of a great shop.

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Common Marketing Mistakes

  • Shops aren’t using marketing to solve their biggest problem. Shops need technicians, and their marketing isn’t showing that.
  • Target the shop’s pain points, and repurpose the shop’s marketing to find technicians.
  • Shops don’t look at recruiting as sales and marketing, but that’s exactly what it is.
  • Shops need to market for technicians like how they would for new customers. Shops should have a different approach for each.

“Repurpose some of your marketing in an effort to help you find more techs. You know, don’t continue all those things that you’re doing to bring in new customers.”
Martin Morgan, General Manager, Repair Shop Websites

Making Marketing Less Intimidating

  • If shops have a great environment, capture those moments and put them on their website and social media. That’s the type of genuine content people love to see.
  • Brag about the things the shop does for the community. Take pictures, and put it out there for everyone to see.
  • All it takes is some time. Delegate someone in the shop to take pictures and videos. It seems like a lot of work at first, but eventually it becomes natural and more comfortable.
  • Tell the shop’s story; that is what separates a shop and shows how they are unique. People want to see the backend of the facility and personalities of the technicians.

“People like to do business with businesses that are great places to work. If you build up happy employees. You’re going to usually have happy customers.”
Martin Morgan, General Manager, Repair Shop Websites

Allocating Marketing Funds

  • Consider the audience. Get to know the audience as much as possible. Think about demographics, current life situation, interests, hobbies, etc.
  • What is the audience using to learn about services and new local businesses? Knowing that information helps the shop decide where to spend their marketing dollars.
  • If the shop is in an area where people make decisions through direct mail, use it. If people are using social media, invest your time where your audience is.
  • The backbone of marketing/recruiting is a website. People still look at websites as one of the key factors to verify if a business is legit.

“What I always encourage shops to do is instead of trying to be everything to everybody and on every single social media, invest in two and put in the time and effort.”
Martin Morgan, General Manager, Repair Shop Websites

Traits of a Great Shop

  • Number one indicator of a great shop is customer service. Invest in employees and make sure the shop has the right team members.
  • Communication is so important, and has a huge impact on a customer’s decision process.
  • Do different things well and consistently. Create a web presence that is easy to follow and provides appropriate information.
  • Ask people to follow the shop’s social pages, or give them a business card. Don’t rely on one point of contact.
  • Be clear on what the shop wants to accomplish. Focus on those things, and try multiple approaches to help accomplish those goals.

Customers are More Likely to do Business with Shops that Treat Their Technicians Right!

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