Guest Blog Post by Josh Arnold, Master Technician

Have you ever looked at your toolbox filled to the brim with years of collecting tools, and thought about packing it all up and moving halfway across the states?

Neither did I, until a job offer came across the table that would make me insane enough to attempt this task. On paper, this seemed a simple task, but in practice, this was quite the job I’d gotten myself into.

From Built-In Tool Boxes to Beautiful Big Red

My now previous dealer had built-in toolboxes which allowed me to amass quite a collection of tools over my seven years in this industry. However, now it was time to buy a box of my own. My favorite part about this whole packing nonsense was finally having an excuse to buy something that I’ve wanted since going into the automotive college… My very own big beautiful Red Snap-on toolbox. It has all the bells and whistles including a stainless steel top, power drawer, and, of course, a weekly payment. Nevertheless, when I got to load this into the moving trailer, the smile on my face was as wide as the trailer. Dream achieved, happiness short-lived, and now onto loading.

Hittin’ the Road

The worst part of any move is actually moving. I don’t know a single person that enjoys this part. With the amazing Big Red toolbox loaded in the trailer, and with the trailer in place inside the shop, the day’s work began. Of course, on top of all the standard wrenches and sockets, I also had to have a tear-down tray, tear-down table, plastic roll cart, and chair. Loading a trailer full of tools was the most advanced game of Tetris you could play. Ten ratchet straps later each secured with the famous last words, “That ain’t going nowhere.”

Roughly thirty boxes later, everything was ready for the road with my whole livelihood in one trailer. Luckily, my insurance covered it under my homeowner policy, just in case one of those straps ended up going somewhere.

The big move is only days away at this point. Not looking forward to the long days of driving. The better opportunity, pay, and the thought of finally getting to use my very own toolbox keeps me going. To anyone else considering the same, I offer this advice: It’s going to require more ratchet straps and take longer than you think to pack. Find a friend that has a trailer, and try to enjoy the little things!