WrenchWay, a software solution dedicated to helping solve the technician shortage in the automotive, collision, and diesel industries, has partnered with RepairPal, the largest trusted auto repair network for high quality and fair prices, to bring solutions with a focus on combating the technician shortage to the RepairPal Certified network.

“WrenchWay is hoping to solve one of the issues that has plagued the industry for quite some time: the technician shortage. They do this by helping technicians find the best shops to work at, collecting technician input for improving their jobs, and encouraging folks to join the profession. RepairPal is thrilled about this partnership with WrenchWay, which will help our network of over 2,800 Certified shops grow their business by finding and attracting quality technicians.”

Kathleen Long, VP/GM of Growth at RepairPal

RepairPal Certified shops undergo a rigorous certification process, providing peace of mind to their customers by ensuring prompt, friendly service and quality repairs, backed by a local repair warranty. Through the partnership, RepairPal Certified shops can gain access to WrenchWay’s software tools and solutions that attract technicians, and WrenchWay shops save costs with an exclusive offer to join the RepairPal network.

“One of the main reasons technicians leave the industry is because they have worked at shops where they are not treated very well. When everyone is hiring and all job boards look the same, it’s hard to find the best shops to work at. We are excited to partner with RepairPal due to their same commitment of highlighting high-quality shops. With this partnership, we help RepairPal Certified shops attract more technicians, connect with schools, and improve the industry.”

Jay Goninen, Co-Founder & President at WrenchWay

About WrenchWay

WrenchWay’s mission is to help solve the technician shortage in the automotive, collision, and diesel industries. Our software solutions are used by technicians, schools, and shops with the goal of attracting new people into the industry and making improvements for existing technicians. To learn more about WrenchWay, visit their website at https://wrenchway.com

About RepairPal

Established in 2007, RepairPal connects consumers with certified trustworthy mechanics throughout the US. Large trusted companies including USAA, CarMax, Consumer Reports and WrenchWay send their members and customers to RepairPal Certified shops, knowing they will get high-quality repairs at a fair price. More information is available at www.RepairPal.com.

This press release was originally published on RepairPal.com.