WrenchWay is excited to announce Reverse Job Posts for student technicians are now available in the free WrenchWay mobile app. Student Reverse Job Posts work the same way as regular Reverse Job Posts. Students fill out a short questionnaire outlining courses/training along with what they’re hoping to learn in the shop, and shops reach out to them with job opportunities.

“This is a great way for students to get early experience in a shop before they graduate,” Mark Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO of WrenchWay explains. “Some of these students don’t have any industry experience, and that’s ok. It’s the perfect opportunity for shops to take a young technician under their wing, help them learn the fundamentals, and prepare them for full-time employment.”

Students benefit from Reverse Job Posts in a number of ways:

  • Reverse Job Posts are easy to create and free.
  • Students don’t need a resume.
  • No previous work experience is needed.
  • Shops reach out to the students with job opportunities.
  • The student’s contact information is kept 100% anonymous until they choose to disclose it.

Students can create a Reverse Job Post by downloading the free WrenchWay mobile app and creating a new account.