Technician productivity is always a hot topic amongst repair shop owners. How can they help techs do their best work? Are there areas where they, as owners, can shore up weaknesses to ensure their staff has the room they need to do their jobs?

The crew at Fullbay is dedicated to increasing technician productivity. That’s why we’ve gathered six great tips that you can implement almost immediately to help turn your shop (and your crew!) into a streamlined productivity machine.

How to Increase Technician Productivity in the Shop

6) Encourage communication.

Communication is a top-down game. Yes, your techs and staff should absolutely be communicating properly with each other, but you need to set the standard. An open-door policy is a good start, but make yourself present. Make sure you’re visible on the repair shop floor. Check in with them daily; ask how they are, find out their pain points, and see what you can do to help. This puts you in the thick of things and makes you an active part of the team instead of just a distant boss. It also shows your staff you’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure they’ve got acceptable working conditions.

5) Express gratitude.

There are two little words you should absolutely say more often: “Thank you.” Don’t just say it after a job well done; find reasons to appreciate your team for, and thank them. Gratitude goes a long way in making techs feel valuable and appreciated, and when techs feel valued, they’ll be inspired to do more.

4) Get them involved.

Thanking people for their hard work goes a long way, but you know what else inspires hard work? Feeling like they’re contributing in a meaningful way. Look to your techs for ideas about bundles, specials, or additional services your shop can provide. Ask them how they would make their jobs more enjoyable or efficient.

3) Keep their stations stocked.

Are your techs walking back and forth across the floor to borrow tools from one another? Leaving their work station can lead to a big drain on productivity; a tech may set out to just grab a tool in two minutes, but the average person ends up spending 15 minutes away from the bay instead of the two due to ordinary things like making conversation, getting looped into helping on other jobs, or making a sudden coffee run.

If it’s not a huge, specialized piece of equipment, invest in the gear they need and let them keep it at their particular bay.

2) Introduce friendly competition.

A little friendly competition can boost productivity throughout the shop. People tend to up their efforts a little more when they know someone is watching and keeping score. Create a leaderboard and track things like overall jobs completed or efficiency rates (you can determine efficiency rates by dividing invoiced hours by overall clocked hours). You can even attach bonuses to sweeten the pot!

1) Make the job as easy as you can.

Reducing the problems a tech can run into while working is a huge productivity booster. Shop management software is a great way to cut down on the stuff that can slow work down: you can use it to assign jobs, clock in on service orders, and even order parts and handle invoicing. Less fumbling with paper = way more productivity! If you’re curious about how shop software can make your techs’ lives easier and more productive, check us out at