In this episode of WrenchWay Weekly, we discuss what keeps technicians working at a particular shop or dealership. Watch the full episode, or review the episode highlights below.

A recent WrenchWay Insiders poll asked technicians, “What is the biggest factor that makes you stay working at a shop or dealership? Let’s look at the results.

  • Compensation: 43%
  • Work environment: 29%
  • Benefits: 14%
  • Career development opportunities: 12%
  • Other: 2%

We also asked the same question on LinkedIn and received these responses:

  • Work environment: 47%
  • Compensation: 23%
  • Career Development: 23%
  • Benefits: 8%

While compensation was the number one answer for WrenchWay Insiders and LinkedIn respondents chose work environment as their top choice, shop owners and managers should look at a combination of these two essential topics as a vital component of technician retention. WrenchWay Insider comments reinforce this approach as one respondent was very upfront in remarking, “I can deal with some bullshit for the right pay and benefits, but if there isn’t any career development, then it’s useless to be there.”

Let’s look at the individual factors that technicians brought up in the survey.

  • Fair Compensation: Paying technicians a “market rate” has two advantages. This approach makes employees feel valued and reduces the incentive to seek market-rate pay elsewhere.
  • Work Environment: Shop owners and managers should recognize the importance of a comfortable and low-stress workplace. This removes another motivation for seeking employment elsewhere. Such steps include addressing disruptive or overly negative employees and fostering an enhanced relationship between the boss and co-workers.
  • Hire Right: Hiring the right technicians goes hand-in-hand with creating a positive work environment. Shop leadership should avoid hiring “warm bodies” and instead look for technicians who will mesh with shop culture and other employees’ personalities.