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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by Josh Carton, Managing Director and Founder, Curien, to discuss the future of diagnostics, how it is affecting technicians, what Curien is doing to help, and much more!

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Where Diagnostics is Going and the Effects on Industry

  • Every technician says they want and need more training.
  • Curien’s technology analyzes problems and gives feedback to a user on what to do next.
  • Intelligence is something you can use to take an action step. Curien wants to humanize the information so it’s not just data.
  • The future of diagnostics includes analyzing data, and having a machine system that helps guide you through the diagnostic process.

How Diagnostics Impacts Technicians

  • Technicians still need to have a core knowledge and continue to learn along the way.
  • Curien is working to digitize mentors. Technicians have the opportunity to get advice and learn from other technicians right through the app.
  • Even with advancements in technology, we will always need technicians because of our brain function and senses.
  • Realistically, the future of diagnostics is still technicians. Technology is half of the solution, but humans are the other half.

The Power of Critical Thinking

  • The computer is only telling you what it thinks is wrong. At the end of the day, technicians have the final check of what is actually wrong.
  • You can’t rely on the scan tool to make final decisions. Scan tools don’t always give you the most direct solution to a problem.
  • Technology will never have the quick thinking and problem-solving skills like a technician.

Diagnostics is More than Just Data

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Josh Carton
Managing Director and Founder, Curien

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