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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, Andrew Jablonowski, Content and Curriculum Manager, Garage Gurus joins us to share his insights on the importance of training, the transition of training from school to a shop, and the challenges with training.

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Importance of Training

  • The day technicians stop going to training is the day they stop wrenching. Always try to get as much training as possible. Whether it’s a master technician or a new technician, everyone benefits from training.
  • It is important for technicians to do multiple types of training. Every instructor has a unique style of teaching, and there can be so much more to learn from a different perspective.
  • The average person only retains about 30% of what they pick up in a class. This is why continuous training is so important, so technicians can comprehend more of the materials they learn.
  • Training leads to an increase in a shop’s repair order because technicians are learning new information and can fix repairs more quickly.

Challenges with Training

  • Think about the training you are actually going to need. Don’t waste your time on training that isn’t important.
  • A lot of technicians want EV or electrical training, but the industry isn’t 100% there yet and not all technicians need it.
  • Don’t skip the foundation of each skill. Build a nice foundation and work up to the peak. Once you get your basic knowledge, then take the next step.

The Transition from Education to a Shop

  • As a new technician in the shop, try not to be scared of the car. Relax, take a deep breath, and figure it out. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.
  • Patience is a huge skill to remember as a new technician in the shop. You’re not going to know everything right out of school. You’re still learning even when you get into the shop.
  • This industry is a skill, and you have to practice. You’re not instantly going to be good at everything.

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