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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we sit down with Kaylee Felio, Sales and Marketing Manager, PartsEdge to discuss the relationship between parts and service. We talk about what technicians need to understand about parts managers, the importance of inventory management, learning people’s personalities, and more!

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What Technicians Needs to Understand About Parts Managers

  • The parts department doesn’t have every single part right away.
  • It takes parts managers time and experience to understand the parts process and everything involved.
  • It takes a lot of work for parts managers to do inventory and test parts.
  • It’s worth going out of your way to get to know your parts managers and have a relationship with them.
  • We know it can be stressful, but try your best to be patient.

The Importance of Inventory Management

  • If you’re working with flat rate technicians, you don’t want to waste their time.
  • You have to stay organized on the parts you sell a lot of and parts you don’t use often.
  • You can’t waste resources and money on obsolete parts. You want to take a proactive approach to stay on top of active parts.
  • Create a process to manage special orders. It makes it easier for everyone when you have a solid plan in place.

Understanding Different Personalities in the Parts Department

  • Parts managers tend to be very analytical and good with numbers.
  • Everything starts with open and honest communication.
  • Have technicians shadow parts managers and vice versa. This allows them to see what they do on a daily basis and gives them more of an understanding of their job.
  • It’s Important to learn people’s personalities and figure out the ideal way they communicate.
  • Technicians need to know the parts manager is managing one of the largest assets of the dealership.
  • Go into a conversation with your parts manager with a positive approach. Don’t start by complaining or yelling.

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