Thank you to everyone who has been a supporter of the Beyond the Wrench podcast over the last couple of years! To celebrate another successful year, we are looking at our top episodes of 2022. Enjoy!

5 Most Popular Beyond the Wrench Podcast Episodes in 2022

1. Hiring High-Performance People ft. Trip Bruce, Halmar Friesen Racing

Our number one podcast of 2022 featured Trip Bruce, General Manager, Halmar Friesen Racing. Trip shared amazing stories about his career and what he looks for when hiring top-quality employees.

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2. The Evolution of Automotive Service ft. Joel Milne, RepairSmith

In this episode, Joel Milne, Chief Executive Officer at RepairSmith, discusses what we can expect from the automotive industry, how we can execute these changes, and the next generation of automotive technicians.

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3. How to Build an Automotive/Diesel Program ft. Lindsey Trent, Ryder System Inc.

In this episode, Lindsey Trent, Business and Customer Development Manager at Ryder System, Inc., joins Jay to discuss how to build an automotive/diesel program in schools, creating a career pathway for students, and sparking kids’ interest in the industry.

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4. Tackling the Technician Shortage ft. Jason Olinger, Gwatney Chevrolet

In this episode, Jason Olinger, Automotive Technician at Gwatney Chevrolet, shares his insight on why there is a technician shortage, solutions to help fight the technician shortage, and more.

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5. Making Your Service Advisors a Priority ft. Chris Craig

In this episode, Chris Craig discusses his experience as a former service advisor, the importance of the advisor and technician relationship, advice on shop turnover, and best practices on selling diagnostic time.

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