Recently, our Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Wilson, sat down with John Frazier, Service Director of Woody Anderson Ford to discuss their new technician compensation plan. Learn how their group prioritized their technicians, implemented this new pay plan, and how it has been paying off so far.

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Advocating for Specialized Benefits for Technicians

John Frazier has always been passionate about advocating for technicians. So when he advanced to Woody Anderson Ford as their Service Director, that philosophy carried with him. Technicians are essential to any dealership’s success, and they require some unique benefits and recognition that Woody Anderson Ford was ready to build on.

“There are two things that a technician possesses that nobody else does: The investment of their time to gain valuable knowledge and skills, plus the money it takes to buy tools for their career,” explains John Frazier, Service Director of Woody Anderson Ford. “Those two things alone require some very specific and unique recognition, I believe, and it’s okay to recognize them in a special way.”

As a result, Woody Anderson Ford developed a new pay plan for technicians. This plan also comes with many other perks for the Woody Anderson team. Most importantly, they aren’t just telling their staff they care about them—they are showing it!

Investing in Your People

Implementing the new pay plan for technicians at Woody Anderson Ford required buy-in from all angles. This process involved conducting meetings with each technician to develop a plan that aligned with the needs of the team, the business, and the individuals. It was also necessary for management to get on the same page to make sure the plan was effectively communicated to their team.

“There were a lot of people involved in this to ensure that we all felt great about it and were on the same page, so when we did implement it, our technicians saw that it was coming from us as a unified front. It took a while to get it together and get it to the point that we are at because it is expensive. This is nearly a $200,000 investment for us that goes back into our technicians, and we all believe wholeheartedly it’s a worthwhile investment.”

John Frazier, Service Director of Woody Anderson Ford

Response to the New Technician Pay Plans

Pay is often considered a taboo topic in the industry, one that many prefer to avoid discussing, but the team at Woody Anderson Ford redefined this concept.

The unique approach to the technician pay plans at Woody Anderson Ford is a forward-thinking advancement that has been well-received by their team. Technicians have embraced the new plan because, with the changes, most of them received raises, plus benefits tailored to their specific needs.

Promoting the Technician Pay Plan on WrenchWay

Woody Anderson Ford understands the importance of building and maintaining a good rapport with technicians. The technician shortage is growing and the technician community is tight-knit—standing out and making a good impression on the right talent is more important than ever.

Through their partnership with WrenchWay, Woody Anderson Ford has been able to market their dealership in a special way. They are able to truly showcase how they invest in their technicians through this new pay plan, show pictures of their shop, provide in-depth details on their career path and benefits and more through their WrenchWay Top Shop page.

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