Didn’t have a chance to attend the webinar last week? We have the recording and everything you missed below. During the webinar, we discussed strategies for finding out what makes your shop unique, how to promote your shop’s strengths, and best practices on attracting more technicians.

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Webinar Recap

State of Recruiting Technicians

  • Most good technicians are already working at a shop, and aren’t actively looking for a new position.
  • 75% of technicians are open to new opportunities, but are not making it a priority to look everyday.
  • Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet or one thing shops can do to get all the technicians they desire.

Strategies for Finding What Makes Your Shop Desirable

  • Don’t rely on one approach for finding technicians. Utilize other resources like social media, referrals, job boards, etc.
  • Focus on employer marketing. Tell your shop’s story and show why your shop is a great place to work.
  • Technicians will remember videos. SHOW technicians what it’s like to work in your shop.
  • Broadcast all the amazing things you are doing that makes your shop unique and different. Unfortunately, things like free uniforms aren’t going to cut it anymore.
  • Be open and talk with the technicians in your shop. Find out what they like and dislike about working there.
  • Know what the competitors are offering their technicians so you can have leverage to stand out.

How to Promote Your Strengths

  • Don’t promote the job, promote the profession.
  • Create real and authentic video content. People want to see quick videos from the technicians in the shop explaining why they love working there.
  • Share the fun things you do as a company. Show holiday parties, company outings, customer stories, monthly updates, etc.
  • Being transparent from the beginning is vital. Technicians want to know what to expect from a shop BEFORE they even apply.
  • Encourage employees to share your social posts on their personal accounts. Social posts reach 561% further when shared by employees.