Carousel Motor Group’s Top Shop pages are some of the most detailed, well-thought out pages on WrenchWay. Each Top Shop page provides technicians with ample photos of the service area, videos of employees talking about what it’s like to work there, and thorough answers to each and every question in the Under the Hood section.

I recently got the pleasure of sitting down with Lisa Bormann, Director of People Development & Engagement at Carousel Motor Group, to discuss the vital role WrenchWay Top Shop pages play in their ongoing employer branding and technician recruiting efforts.

Carousel Motors Top Shop Pages

About Carousel Motor Group

Carousel Motor Group is a part of the Pohlad Companies and consists of eight dealerships around the Minneapolis-St. Paul greater area.
Carousel Motor Group offers employees a unique opportunity to be a part of a family-owned business with the resources of a large company. They know the importance of integrity and values of putting family first.

Carousel Motor Group puts their customers and employees first, by doing the right thing for them. From upgrading facilities, to offering ongoing training, and even paying their employees during the COVID-19 lockdown, Carousel Motors always prioritizes people over profit. These are just a few of the reasons Carousel Motor Group was awarded Top Workplace by Star Tribune in 2021 and included as a Top Workplace USA 2022 company.

WrenchWay: A Better Way to Hire Technicians

Fighting the War For Talent

Hiring technicians for one dealership is hard enough, but trying to keep eight dealerships fully staffed with technicians is a challenge for even the best HR teams.

Like many dealerships, the Carousel Motor Group team has had success with word-of-mouth referrals. However, in this war for talent, they knew they needed to think creatively to attract more technicians. They wanted to find a way to highlight the uniqueness of each of their eight facilities and actually show technicians why they’re a great place to work.

Partnering with WrenchWay to Give Technicians a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Every Dealership

Carousel Motor Group has amazing facilities for technicians to work in—some of which are brand new and others they continue to re-invest in. However, technicians looking at a job posting or the Careers page on their website wouldn’t be able to see all of that. Thankfully, that’s exactly what WrenchWay is for.

“In the war for technical talent, potential team members are looking to match their goals and aspirations with an employer/partner. Those goals and aspirations go well past compensation and benefits. WrenchWay allows us to address, what up to today, has been a void. We can promote our facilities, equipment and the atmosphere we provide which are key components that we use to differentiate our organization from others.”

Wayne Pisinski, VP of Fixed Operations, Carousel Motor Group

After working with their dedicated account manager to get Top Shop pages set up for each of their eight dealerships, Carousel Motor Group began incorporating their pages into all of their efforts to market to and recruit technicians.

“We use our Top Shop pages directly for candidates that are wanting to learn more about working at a specific dealership. Our dealership pages have a link to learn more about service and parts jobs that goes directly to our Top Shop pages. We reference many of our marketing and promotion efforts on LinkedIn and Facebook. When we’re out promoting jobs, we not only click to the job, but we make sure there’s a link to our Top Shop page as well for people to really understand what it’s like to work at our dealerships… Because that’s what the Top Shop page does. It gives a behind-the-scenes look. We have a lot of information out there—more than we could manage on our own Careers website.”

Lisa Bormann, Director of People Development & Engagement, Carousel Motor Group

For Lisa, one of her favorite parts of the WrenchWay Top Shop membership is the Reverse Job Posts component. Reverse Job Posts gives technicians the ability to post their skillset and what they’re looking for in a shop anonymously, and then the shops reach out to them with job opportunities.

“I know it will allow us to reach folks that we never could find on our own, and that is the exciting opportunity that we have right now and I also think that opportunity will continue to grow as WrenchWay continues to build its awareness amongst the technical and service community.”

Lisa Bormann, Director of People Development & Engagement, Carousel Motor Group

WrenchWay Becomes a Key Component in Ongoing Employer Branding Efforts

Carousel Motor Group’s Top Shop pages have become a key part of their employer branding efforts, which is an ongoing effort to attract and retain the best talent in their dealerships.

“We enjoy seeing the awareness and seeing the impressions. That’s been the biggest piece for us is knowing how many people are looking at our shops and looking at that month-by-month. We look at that as part of our overall ongoing efforts for employer branding and getting the word out which is a key piece of WrenchWay.”

Lisa Bormann, Director of People Development & Engagement, Carousel Motor Group

Carousel Motor Group is looking forward to growing with WrenchWay, and continuing to reach more technicians so they can get the information they need in front of them to make the best career choices.