Technicians can now search pay rates across the country based on location, industry, type of shop, and years of experience.

Recently, we conducted a survey to better understand the earning potential of technicians in different regions and throughout various stages of their careers. We received nearly 3,000 responses from across the U.S.

The data was very interesting, and here is a very small sample to share:

Auto Dealership Auto Independent Diesel
0-3 years experience $48,533 $56,819 $57,367
4-10 years experience $81,902 $69,546 $75,045
11+ years experience $108,105*

*Avg. experience: 22 years


*Avg. experience: 25 years


*Avg. experience: 20 years

We were going to bring you a full report, but we’re giving you something even more useful…

Introducing the New Online Automotive & Diesel Technician Salary Tool

We took all the data gathered from the 2024 Technician Pay Survey, and built a robust tool for technicians to search pay rates in their area.

The Automotive & Diesel Technician Salary Tool allows technicians to see pay data in a way that gives an accurate picture of earning potential.

With the new Technician Salary Tool, technicians can:

  • Breakdown by Industry. Automotive, diesel, collision, and school.
  • Explore by Shop Type. Dealership, independent, fleet, trucking, construction equipment, and more!
  • Search by Area. Search by zip code and adjust the radius based on preferences.
  • Filter by Experience. Select minimum and/or maximum years of experience.

It’s completely free to use → Automotive & Diesel Technician Salary Tool

About the Data

Since this is a new tool, there are many areas where we still need more data. You can help by submitting your own salary data and by encouraging your friends in the industry to do the same.

We do review all the data that is submitted, but if you see anything that feels unrealistic, email us at and we will look into it.

Explore technician pay rates in your area with WrenchWay's Technician Pay Tool