If you have ever scrolled through WrenchWay Shop Talk, chances are you have seen a post or two by Craig Zale, CEO & ASE Master Technician at Craig’s Car Care. Craig is a true star of Shop Talk, sharing engaging industry polls, shop update videos, and posts of his team!

In this article, learn how Craig’s Car Care has leveraged their WrenchWay Top Shop membership to get in front of the automotive community, fully staff their team, and start growing a bench of potential future candidates.

Becoming a Top Shop to Recruit Differently

Over the years, shops are realizing that traditional recruiting methods aren’t as effective as they used to be when hiring technicians. As the technician shortage has grown, shops have had to adjust how they approach hiring.

Since the majority of technicians are already employed and not on job boards actively looking for work, shops have had to find new places online to interact with technicians and adjust how they’re getting their attention.

When asked about WrenchWay, Craig Zale, CEO & ASE Master Technician at Craig’s Car Care, highlights WrenchWay’s true potential:

“I think you guys have a niche right now. I don’t think shops understand the power, and maybe some do, but I don’t think they really have conceptualized WrenchWay as a portal for interaction between potential employees and potential employers. It’s like a Facebook for our industry! Technicians can look into your business and kind of see what you’re all about—your people, culture, pay scale, facilities, vehicles… everything.”

Craig Zale, CEO & ASE Master Technician, Craig’s Car Care

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Successfully Hiring Technicians Through WrenchWay

Becoming a WrenchWay Top Shop and offering transparency to technicians about their business has truly paid off for Craig’s Car Care. Craig has been able to make several successful technician hires through WrenchWay.

“Just last year, we hired two technicians in anticipation of this year’s goals. The first technician came through WrenchWay, and we moved him and his wife from North Carolina. It’s a big deal! He’s a neat young man, and he’s got a lot of future promise. The second technician heard about us, looked us up, and did some research through WrenchWay, so we know the program’s working!”

Craig Zale, CEO & ASE Master Technician at Craig’s Car Care.

One technician Craig hired actually moved from Raleigh, NC to Dallas, TX to work for Craig… That’s 1,200 miles!

Technician describing getting new job at Craig's Car Care through WrenchWay

It has been about a year since Hunter found the opportunity on WrenchWay, connected with Craig’s Car Care, and made the big move.

We followed up with the technician to ask about their experience with WrenchWay. Hunter said, “I recognize the necessity of strategic planning to achieve my long-term career objectives. Wrenchway facilitates this process by providing detailed information upfront, including details on pay, environment, benefits, and a glimpse into the organizational culture. This transparency saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent attending interviews to acquire crucial details about a prospective workplace.”

Not only does WrenchWay help technicians on a personal level, but also strives to help improve the overall view and vision of the industry. This gives technicians a voice and lets them be in control of their careers and their industry.

“In the automotive repair industry, where the shortage of skilled technicians looms large, there is an urgent need for change. WrenchWay stands out as a beacon of progress, offering a solution that contributes positively to the industry’s evolution. It streamlines the recruitment process and ensures that technicians, like myself, can make informed decisions, thereby fostering a more conducive and fulfilling work environment.”

Hunter J., ASE Master Certified Automotive Technician

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Building a Bench of Candidates

Craig’s Car Care is now fully staffed. However, as many shops, including Craig’s, understand, even when you are not actively hiring, you should always be recruiting to build a bench of candidates. As Craig describes it, “​​Instead of hiring just when we need somebody, we need a place to always be out there. Just like our website for our clients and their vehicles to show the kind of services that we offer, we need something ongoing for future staffing—a way to keep prospective technicians, employees, service advisors, etc. in the loop about who we are, what we are, how we’re progressing.”

Staying on top of recruiting not only keeps your shop in the forefront for candidates, but also provides a sense of reassurance. In the event of an unexpected departure of a technician or employee, you’ll already have a head start with a list of potential candidates to reach out to who have already shown interest in your shop.

WrenchWay is Always Evolving to Help Shops

Craig Zale has been a proud supporter and user of WrenchWay for several years. He loves the progress WrenchWay has made over the years and the impact we are making in the industry. Craig shares, “What we like about the WrenchWay program is it’s not static. It’s always evolving, and we see it growing. We see your outfit making improvements to keep it current, relevant, and upcoming for the future of the industry.”

WrenchWay: A Better Way to Hire Technicians