The technician shortage has shops struggling to find technicians — Reverse Job Posts makes it easier for shops and technicians to connect.

MADISON, WISCONSIN. (July 20, 2021) – WrenchWay today announced the release of Reverse Job Posts, a new way for repair shops to find technicians in the automotive, diesel, and collision industries.

With the growing technician shortage, it is estimated the U.S. will be short 642,000 technicians by 2024, according to a study by TechForce Foundation. As a result, shops and dealerships are short-handed and hiring. While this provides ample opportunities for technicians, it’s also overwhelming and makes it more difficult to find the right shop.

Reverse Job Posts make it easier for shops and technicians to connect by flipping the traditional job board around. Technicians fill out a quick questionnaire about their skill set and what they’re looking for in a shop. Shops can then browse through posts in their area, and reach out to technicians they’re interested in. Technicians’ identities and contact information are not included in the posts and remain hidden while they message back and forth. All posts are valid for 30 days, ensuring every Reverse Job Post is up-to-date.

“Our hope is by making the job search process easier for technicians, they will be more likely to find a shop that is a good fit for them, and they will, ultimately, stay working in the industry,” Mark Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO of WrenchWay says. “We can’t eliminate the technician shortage overnight, but we can put solutions in place to start improving the state of the industry, and that’s exactly what our mission is at WrenchWay.”

WrenchWay works with over 3,500 shops who already have access to Reverse Job Posts. Shops can sign up for a free account on, and will get notified when there are technicians looking for new opportunities in their area. Premium plans with enhanced features are available as well.

Technicians who are interested in creating a Reverse Job Post can download the free WrenchWay mobile app in the App Store or on Google Play, and create a new account to get started.

For more information on Reverse Job Posts, please visit