Here at WrenchWay, we are always working to think of new and creative ways to share the knowledge, skill level, and hard work it takes to be a technician. This is why we started our technician spotlight series. These articles are part of an ongoing series to highlight and promote the technician career — demonstrating to kids, parents, and teachers how becoming a technician is a rewarding career path that can be lucrative and open the door to many opportunities within the industry.

Location: Nashua, New Hampshire
Experience: 21 years
Job Title: Automotive Technician Development Administrator, McGovern Automotive Group

We sat down with Kenny W., Automotive Technician Development Administrator, McGovern Automotive Group to discuss his journey in the automotive industry, advice he has for young technicians, and the different opportunities available within the industry.

Kenny’s Story

Kenny’s journey in the automotive industry started when he was in high school. He took an automotive class and came across an opportunity to do a co-op. As a high school student, Kenny thought this was a great opportunity because he got to get out of school early, get experience in the industry at a young age, and make some money.

He started working for a local Toyota dealership during his senior year of high school. From there, he joined the Toyota T-Ten program at a local two-year community college. After that, he continued learning more about the industry, and eventually became a flat rate technician.

Kenny’s current role is to recruit young people into this industry. He visits schools and comes up with retention programs for the current techs at his shop.

Driving Factors in Joining the Industry

One aspect of the industry that drew Kenny to this career was the excitement he got when working through a tough job or diagnosis. When a car comes in broken and leaves fixed, you get jolts of excitement throughout the day. Kenny also enjoys the opportunities as a flat rate technician during a great week.

During the time Kenny was working at the dealership, he also did part-time work at independent shops to round out his skill set. He didn’t want to only work on Toyotas and wanted to expand his experience. This really helped him down the road to grow his skill set and progress in his career.

“The people I work with are really great. We’re all friends now, and I’m really fortunate to work with a group of employees that help each other, and I’ve learned a lot from my mentors.”
Kenny W., Automotive Technician Development Administrator, McGovern Automotive Group

Opportunities Within the Automotive Industry

One thing Kenny wishes more people knew about this industry is the earning potential of a technician. Kenny thinks, out of the gate, earning potential is a little low, and that can turn young people away initially. As an hourly or flat rate technician, being productive means you can make a great living.

As a trade, Kenny wants people to know there is something to be said in this industry about traveling to the same place every day. Electricians and plumbers, while great careers, drive to and work in a lot of different places. As a technician, it’s nice to have one central workplace with all the tools needed for the job.

“The skills you learn in this industry transfer into your regular life. Understanding how an air conditioning system works in a car gives you an idea of how it would work at your house.”
Kenny W., Automotive Technician Development Administrator, McGovern Automotive Group

Advice For Young Technicians

Kenny wants young technicians joining this industry to have patience. Becoming an expert in this field is a long road. From the time you enter this industry as an apprentice to working as a master technician can take anywhere from five to eight years. Kenny believes it is well worth it, and if you put in the time and effort, you can do great financially.

“If a young person is willing to put the time into this career, they have a significant chance of becoming very successful in this industry.”
Kenny W., Automotive Technician Development Administrator, McGovern Automotive Group

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in getting into this field, Kenny’s advice is both to contact local dealerships and talk with teachers about the different opportunities. For established technicians looking for new opportunities, talk with your management team and see if they can modify your role to keep you in this industry.

“There are a lot of roles available for technicians other than working in the shop. You just have to communicate with your management team and find the right position for you.”
Kenny W., Automotive Technician Development Administrator, McGovern Automotive Group

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